"Texas, by God"
and the
  • Re: Omaha and crooksBen Harleman, Mon May 6 18:45
    Wow, thanks for that excellent explanation. Admittedly, and ashamedely, I don't know a lot about about the Hell on Wheels movement across the west. I know the basics, but have been wanting to further ... more
    • This one should suffice — K.t.K., Mon May 6 19:23
      • Re: This one should sufficeK.t.K., Mon May 6 19:32
        And when you get to the part about Benton, Wyoming, you'll know that two of the many shooting deaths occurring there in August 1868 were perpetrated by Charley Storms and "Ten-Die" Brown, under their ... more
        • I am curious Kenny....Peter Brand, Mon May 6 23:53
          If they were using aliases, how do you know they were Storms and Brown? Cheers PB
          • Because I lerned the aliases.K.t.K., Tue May 7 06:37
            Just like I learned the aliases of Louisa Huston, Houston, Earp, Johnson, Peters. Brown went by Ten-Die, Ten-Dice, Trick Brown, George Brown and his real name of James M. Brown. Off Wheeler used more ... more
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