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Bob Cash
Unsolicited opinion on Gatto's previous bio of Curly Bill
Mon May 6, 2019 20:41

Of the many books about Cochise County characters that have gone out of print since I started studying that corner of Arizona, Curly Bill by Gatto is the one I have most wanted to see reprinted, mainly thinking what folks who started researching this subject since his volume became hard to find. For such a slim little book, I go back to it time and time again to refresh my memory the important events in the cowboy saga and their chronology. To find out that a new updated version is coming out soon, the day after I find out about the new Earp anthology by Young, Robets and Tefertiller, while I am waiting impatiently for Lynn Bailey's and Robert Buckley's new work on the further adventure of the Clantons and the Graham brothers, could only be made better by word that a certain poster on this board would soon be publishing an article, a pamphlet or a book on Morgan Earp and/or James Earp.

    • Unsolicited opinion on Gatto's previous bio of Curly Bill — Bob Cash, Mon May 6 20:41
      • Forgot to mention one other blockbuster that I understand is in the works, Lee Silva's Tombstone volume, edited by Doctor Dave.
        • That one is going toDavid, Wed May 8 13:17
          take a bit Bob; but I am currently in the process of completing an Earp book (just finishing our 15th draft) with Don Chaput which will hopefully be out by early next (or late this) year. Thanks for... more
          • Re: That one is going toBob bCash, Thu May 9 00:04
            Wow, another Earp book in the works. Great to hear. Maybe this many books coming out in such a short period of time will embarrass any researcher out there sitting on a pile of research materials... more
            • Why Bob; whatever do you mean?David, Thu May 9 00:35
              And whoever could you possibly be speaking about? lol! David PS - James Earp actually figures prominently in our book too, and #399 has been a big help. He already has a credit (or two) listed in the ... more
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