"Texas, by God"
and the
Because I lerned the aliases.
Tue May 7, 2019 06:37

Just like I learned the aliases of Louisa Huston, Houston, Earp, Johnson, Peters.

Brown went by Ten-Die, Ten-Dice, Trick Brown, George Brown and his real name of James M. Brown.

Off Wheeler used more than one alias. We all know how Wyatt used a couple of different aliases. Virgil did it. Same with Morgan Earp. He had an alias.
I happen to suffer from obsessive compulsive research syndrome. The greatest detective work I every accomplished in the last 20 years was learning the middle name of Doc Baggs, who also used a few different aliases during his career. Learning his middle name may be nothing but trivia to the rest of the world, but nothing was more satisfying than completing that piece of research.

  • I am curious Kenny....Peter Brand, Mon May 6 23:53
    If they were using aliases, how do you know they were Storms and Brown? Cheers PB
    • Because I lerned the aliases. — K.t.K., Tue May 7 06:37
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