"Texas, by God"
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Bob Cash
Re: Because I lerned the aliases.
Tue May 7, 2019 10:05

Oh, would that you also have an obsessive compulsive publishing syndrome.

  • Because I lerned the aliases.K.t.K., Tue May 7 06:37
    Just like I learned the aliases of Louisa Huston, Houston, Earp, Johnson, Peters. Brown went by Ten-Die, Ten-Dice, Trick Brown, George Brown and his real name of James M. Brown. Off Wheeler used more ... more
    • Re: Because I lerned the aliases. — Bob Cash, Tue May 7 10:05
      • Re: Because I lerned the aliases.Ben Harleman, Wed May 8 12:02
        Hahahaha, this made me laugh! Great wording! But yes, I totally echo the sentiment. Kenny's Morg book is probably my most desired and anticipated reading subject. -Ben
      • one is a syndrome the other a disorderK.t.K., Tue May 7 15:02
        As one Texan acquaintance told me recently: "Dude, you're a mess."
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