"Texas, by God"
and the
Ben Harleman
As they say...
Thu May 9, 2019 16:17

...the house ALWAYS has the advantage.

  • From Deadwood: "A man playing at one of the faro games in Morton's clubhouse yesterday became possessed of the idea some one had cheated him, and made a fuss, whereupon the dealer placed the business ... more
    • As they say... — Ben Harleman, Thu May 9 16:17
      • except for the privateerK.t.K., Fri May 17 19:43
        "A faro layout, with a couple thousand dollars behind it, opened up for business in White Horse [Alaska] the other night, and Billy Alfred, a local sport, was the first to go against it. In a very... more
        • Re: except for the privateerBen Harleman, Thu May 23 02:00
          Hah, talk about turning the tables. Spin the table around and he's still winning. Wish I were that good.
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