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Talking about kicking
Wed May 15, 2019 01:38

one's self. I have told this story before, but one of my next-door neighbors (my best friend/tennis partner) in high schools' father was a movie producer and in his later years was Lucille Ball's manager. They invited me often to join them at events she was appearing in and to come meet her backstage or at their home . I always seemed to be too busy and figured it would eventually happen. Well, it didn't, and I often "kick myself" for missing so many opportunities to meet her. Not only that, but now my daughter kicks me too, as she is a huge Lucille Ball fan .


  • Re: "Nodody loves a fat man"K.t.K., Tue May 14 23:26
    I became a huge fan of Buster Keaton, after taping a three-hour v.h.s. special on his biography. Watched it several times and would always cry at the end. But it wasn't always that way. About 1965 I... more
    • Talking about kicking — David, Wed May 15 01:38
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