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Ben Harleman
To where?
Thu May 23, 2019 03:00

To where did James say they fled? I recall reading about mis-direction regarding Wyatt's whereabouts, but don't remember anything about where it was said he went. Unfortunately, '83, '84, & ,85 I still don't have a real cogent feel for where Wyatt was. Seems it was a mix of CO, CA, TX, & ID, with a bit of KS, also?


  • Intrigue on this day 1882K.t.K., Wed May 22 23:29
    Coming together from Tombstone, James Earp and gambler J.D. Young - Earp partisan and former gambling partner to Morgan Earp - arrive at Los Angeles and check into hotels. Also checking into the same ... more
    • The Earp familyDavid, Sat May 25 13:38
      really stuck together. Their last big family gathering was in the early 1900s. David PS - more to come.
      • With a glitch here and thereK.t.K., Sat May 25 16:08
        Not even Professor William Urban has a clue for where Nicholas Earp was over a two-year period. Not a single document and that was because Nick was simply gone. But I just finished tracking him for... more
        • Re: With a glitch here and thereWayne Sanderson, Thu Jun 20 23:03
          Hangtown... If memory serves, wasn’t Newton Haynes Clanton and some of his family in Hangtown at that same time?
        • Whoa; never David, Sun May 26 18:32
          heard that! Which child are you speaking of? Strong work Kenny. David
          • Warren Earp (nm)Peter Brand, Mon May 27 23:04
            • Thanks Peter. (nm)David, Tue May 28 04:05
              • Warren's real fatherK.t.K., Wed May 29 07:05
                The hunt continues but one clue holds some intrigue. First cousin to the famous Earp boys was Dillos D. Earp, born 1846, served with the 136 Illinois Volunteers, eventually went west with his bride,... more
                • Warren; "IDavid, Wed May 29 13:23
                  AM YOUR FATHER!" - DV. Could be? Very interesting; thanks Kenny. David
    • To where? — Ben Harleman, Thu May 23 03:00
      • ...in April from Colton that he had received a letter from his brothers being in Illinois. Actually he knew exactly where they were. Notwithstanding false reports and posse members Tipton and/or... more
      • Earp time-linePeter Brand, Thu May 23 19:48
        Ben I think an accurate Earp timeline with sources for that period will be included in the new Wyatt Earp Anthology book to be published in August 2019. PB
        • New anthologyBen Harleman, Thu May 23 21:10
          Boy am I looking forward to that one! I feel like I could just about recite Wyatt's life up to Gunnison, but from then to Alaska I seem to get confused with all of he & Josie's travels. But... more
      • Margaret's perspective.Bob Paul, Thu May 23 09:38
        Not sure this is helpful, but my g-grandmother's "real time" files contain an article from the May 29, 1882, Denver Republican entitled "Only a Difference of Opinion", dateline the Los Angeles (Cal.) ... more
        • Re: Margaret's perspective.Ben Harleman, Thu May 23 21:15
          Sounds like maybe facts were a little confused, throwing Wyatt in with Doc? But it seems strange that James is reported as saying that Wyatt was arrested in Denver. Am I reading that right? Helpful... more
          • Confused facts??Bob Paul, Thu May 23 22:00
            There should be no confusion as both "Wyatt" and "Doc" were among the five listed "perps" in the murder of Stilwell in Tucson, both in the warrants issued by Pima County as well as the several... more
            • To clarifyBen Harleman, Fri May 24 03:15
              When the article says it cites J. Earp as reporting Earps arrested in Denver, I take that to mean that he's the source of the information. Please correct me if I'm reading anything wrong here. -Ben
              • Clarification.Bob Paul, Fri May 24 11:16
                My message was a response to an earlier post re Jim Earp, et al, in Los Angeles on "this day" May 22, 1882. I excerpted verbatim from the personal files from Tucson a real time three paragraph... more
                • Re: Clarification.Ben Harleman, Sun May 26 00:46
                  Yes, thank you. I appreciate the shared info, so thanks again. -Ben
            • Re: Confused facts??Ben Harleman, Fri May 24 03:09
              I mean to say, that perhaps a report of Wyatt arrested in Denver was lumped in with Doc when he was embroiled in the Perry Mallen deal. Wyatt was never arrested in Denver, so I was trying to make... more
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