"Texas, by God"
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Ben Harleman
Re: Margaret's perspective.
Thu May 23, 2019 21:15

Sounds like maybe facts were a little confused, throwing Wyatt in with Doc? But it seems strange that James is reported as saying that Wyatt was arrested in Denver. Am I reading that right?

Helpful or not, it's certainly very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.


  • Margaret's perspective.Bob Paul, Thu May 23 09:38
    Not sure this is helpful, but my g-grandmother's "real time" files contain an article from the May 29, 1882, Denver Republican entitled "Only a Difference of Opinion", dateline the Los Angeles (Cal.) ... more
    • Re: Margaret's perspective. — Ben Harleman, Thu May 23 21:15
      • Confused facts??Bob Paul, Thu May 23 22:00
        There should be no confusion as both "Wyatt" and "Doc" were among the five listed "perps" in the murder of Stilwell in Tucson, both in the warrants issued by Pima County as well as the several... more
        • To clarifyBen Harleman, Fri May 24 03:15
          When the article says it cites J. Earp as reporting Earps arrested in Denver, I take that to mean that he's the source of the information. Please correct me if I'm reading anything wrong here. -Ben
          • Clarification.Bob Paul, Fri May 24 11:16
            My message was a response to an earlier post re Jim Earp, et al, in Los Angeles on "this day" May 22, 1882. I excerpted verbatim from the personal files from Tucson a real time three paragraph... more
            • Re: Clarification.Ben Harleman, Sun May 26 00:46
              Yes, thank you. I appreciate the shared info, so thanks again. -Ben
        • Re: Confused facts??Ben Harleman, Fri May 24 03:09
          I mean to say, that perhaps a report of Wyatt arrested in Denver was lumped in with Doc when he was embroiled in the Perry Mallen deal. Wyatt was never arrested in Denver, so I was trying to make... more
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