"Texas, by God"
and the
Those "parts
Wed May 29, 2019 13:29

unknown" are always so difficult to find.

As a Doc; I just hate it when someone has "parts unknown".


  • Veteran Arizona circuit gambler Alonzo S. "Tex" Hooker takes a piece out of the 'top and bottom' gang. Fatal Shooting At Benson. "Benson, A.T., May 25 - This morning about 9 0'clock a dispute arose... more
    • Those "parts — David, Wed May 29 13:29
      • AhahahahahaBen Harleman, Sun Jun 2 11:38
        A bad scenario whether you're a doctor or on a date!
      • ...and jailed in Behan's calaboose. His first court examination occurred May 29 by Justice Wallace. Friends from both Tucson and Tombstone had quickly appeared in support of Hooker, and surprisingly... more
        • To TombstoneBen Harleman, Sun Jun 2 11:53
          Is it possible that Hooker fled to Tombstone to submit to arrest where he could be protected by friends and reduce any risk of danger, as opposed to the Benson or Tucson jails where the gang would... more
          • No BenK.t.K., Sun Jun 2 18:46
            I was avoiding telling about Hooker's arrest because not only is it shocking but opens up the whole can of worms about Sheriff Behan being o the take, not only from the Cow-boys but also from "Big... more
        • Luke ShortBen Harleman, Sun Jun 2 11:43
          Was Luke in with the Top & Bottom gang while in Leadville, and then later in with the Earps/Easterners by Tombstone? -Ben
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