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Ben Harleman
Re: P.S. - Ben
Tue Jun 4, 2019 15:14

And I certainly am grateful for the Brooks papers from Gary Roberts that you sent me, and last summer Tom Gaumer brought to Tombstone a copy of the WWHA Journal for me to read about Wyatt's first wife in Lamar. What a great and good-hearted thing to do. And Doc has given me several items out of his genoristy and invited me in to the group and introduced me to so many people in Tombstone last summer. Plus, not to mention, all the ongoing things Bob Cash puts up here. I never dreamed, five or six years ago, that I would have such access and insight!!

yes, much appreciation to be had!

  • P.S. - BenK.t.K., Sun Jun 2 20:51
    My mention of personal donations will be remiss without mentioning the idiom of what goes around comes around. In this field alone I have been the recipient of much more than I could hope to repay.... more
    • Re: P.S. - Ben — Ben Harleman, Tue Jun 4 15:14
      • Keen MindsK.t.K., Tue Jun 4 19:04
        I would have to rank your keen mind right up there with Mr. Cash. That dude could trump a trump card.
        • Re: Keen MindsBob Cash, Sat Jun 8 13:59
          Damn it, Kenny, I was just about to ask you one of those questions that you always hurt my feelings by accusing me of asking it just to lure you into an ambush. Now you said something nice about me... more
          • A lot of good vibes :DBen Harleman, Sun Jun 9 01:59
            Thanks Bob, I'm not sure I've quite earned a ranking yet, but I continue to read and learn as much as I can. I try to take notes and chart items as I go along in order to better create the world in... more
          • ...ambassador of diplomacy. But when I looked up "diplomat" in Webster's Dictionary.....to my chagrin there was no steenkin' picture!
        • High praise!Anonymous, Thu Jun 6 21:36
          Thanks Kenny, any alignment with Bob Cash is greater compliment than is deserving; I marvel at how much stuff he digs up so casully. But you know, in an old post on B.J.'s, Gary Roberts had posited... more
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