"Texas, by God"
and the
You mean "she." (nm)
Tue Jun 4, 2019 20:17

  • Just a thoughtK.t.K., Tue Jun 4 19:14
    I would like to see how deep the author went on St. Louis. Having one of his other books I can vouch for a serious approach and he's up to snuff on footnotes.
    • Re: Just a thoughtBen Harleman, Tue Jun 4 20:40
      Thanks Kenny, glad to hear that. St. Louis and her time their is what probably intrigues me the most, also, since it seems to be mostly a bit vague. I'll be hoping that it's s good, then. -Ben
    • You mean "she." (nm) — Anonymous, Tue Jun 4 20:17
      • Oh, no. Got them mixed up.K.t.K., Tue Jun 4 21:06
        I was referring to a different author named McInnes. He wrote: GAMBLERS & GUNMEN ALONG THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD. This was about northern Hell On Wheels following right after the original;... more
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