"Texas, by God"
and the
Tidbit from Billy Breakenridge
Thu Jun 6, 2019 07:53

Unpublished memoirs, 1890:
"I remember a "Rustler" coming from New Mexico to Tombstone wanting to sell a horse, and upon the would-be purchaser inquiring about the title to the horse was told, "The title is good west of here, but don't take him into New Mexico.""

    • Ha!Ben Harleman, Thu Jun 6 21:39
      Some of the lesser-known codes of the west! Any other valuable tid-bits in those unpublished memoirs? -Ben
      • Breck bombshellK.t.K., Fri Jun 7 16:20
        "The McLaury Bros and Clantons knew all about Holliday being in the attempted robbery where Philpot was killed and accused the Earps of being in on it also and knowing all about it shealding [sic]... more
        • Re: Breck bombshellBen Harleman, Fri Jun 7 17:21
          Interesting stuff, what kind of credence do you give it? I've heard, of course, all sorts of claims that Breakenridge was constantly tailoring his recollections to better impugn the Earps. I've... more
          • Breck on Curly BillK.t.K., Sat Jun 8 04:14
            1890: "One of the principle leaders of the "Rustlers" was known as "Curly Bill," a noted shot and all around bad man.... while the Rustlers were comprised of Ike, Finn & Billy Clanton - Curly Bill -... more
            • Re: Breck on Curly BillWayne Sanderson, Thu Jun 20 22:28
              Sounds like Break changed his story over the years more than Sadie Marcus did 🤣
    • Thatís funny - David, Thu Jun 6 12:54
      those darn New Mexicanís; they just donít respect ďtitlesĒ! David
      • Billy Breakenridge on WyattBob Cash, Sat Jun 8 17:43
        "He made a good officer and was noted as a breve man. All the time he was in Tombstone he held office of some kind, either in the United States Marshal's office or with the city....(He) was very... more
        • Re: Billy Breakenridge on WyattBob Cash, Sat Jun 8 19:41
          It is possible that the Daily Star reporter who interviewed Breakenridge omitted his first response, but told someone about it later. In a 1939 Arizona Republic article, the following exchange is... more
          • Classy moveBen Harleman, Sun Jun 9 01:33
            Wow, very interesting. I'm curious which one better represented his true emotions on the situation. Either way, I do at least respect his decision to not say anything negative given Wyatt's passing.... more
            • Agreed.David, Thu Jun 13 14:17
              Break would soon be dead himself. David
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