"Texas, by God"
and the
Long-barrelled Colts
Sat Jun 8, 2019 04:51

I am assuming Bat was backing the play of new Town Marshal Mix. Although Bat was known to favor a Colts with four or five-inch barrel.

My 1880 chronology on Luke Short jumps from June 1st Census at Buena Vista, to October 1st when he was an established dealer in Kansas City. Here is the first of a series of eight reports between October 5 and November 24:

Has the Floor and will Hold It until
Christmas If Necessary.
There is something in the air around the police headquarters which leads to the inference that Marble Hall, surnamed Robbers Roost, will soon be turned inside out, or upside down, or stirred up from turret to foundation stone. The last straw to break the patient back of municipal authority is an attempt to bulldoze John Jones, the gentleman from Texas who was swindled out of $280 on three card monte by one Luke Short, who is now in the calaboose. Jones claims that Ben Flanders, of the Marble Hall, told him he had better leave town as Short had powerful friends, who were bad men and would make the climate around here full of miasma [harmful fumes] for John, but John said "yes" and immediately reported to Chief Speers, after which he made arrangements for permanent board, bought another pistol, a bowie knife and a new lock for the door, and proposes to see the thing through if it takes all winter. The gentleman from Texas has the floor."
[Kansas City Star - Oct. 5, 1880, p. 2]

  • Re: Luke ShortAnonymous, Thu Jun 6 21:25
    Boy I sure am glad to get some more insight to the Buena Vista chapter, even if it was a relatively short one. Do you know how long it was that he was there before he headed to K.C.? Great stuff... more
    • Long-barrelled Colts — K.t.K., Sat Jun 8 04:51
      • Wayne ShortBen Harleman, Sun Jun 9 02:04
        As I mentioned, I noted your dissatisfaction with the Parsons & DeMattos book on Luke Short, I had a couple of small issues with it myself, but I'm curious about Wayne Short's book on Luke. Do you... more
      • K.C. Tombstone, Dodge, DeadwoodBen Harleman, Sun Jun 9 01:28
        Hah, gotta admire the man from Texas! So I knew of Short in Buena Vista, but thought it was a pass through (glad to get that knew info from you) and I knew of his arrest in KC and three days in jail... more
        • Luke at DeadwoodK.t.K., Sun Jun 9 11:27
          According to his own dictation. Luke Short said he moved on from Texas to see "The Black Hills in 1876." In 1877 he left there for Ogallala, Nebraska, knowing it was one of the largest shipping... more
          • Re: Luke at DeadwoodBob Cash, Mon Jun 17 00:07
            Also, I believe that in one of the telegrams from the Webster-Hinkle faction to the governor during the Dodge City War it is pointed out that Luke had no history in the city before arriving in 1881.
            • Re: Luke at DeadwoodBen Harleman, Tue Jun 18 23:40
              Thanks Bob & Kenny (a week later). It is very interesting as you both point out, that he doesn't even include himself there. Could Luke's presence have been included by Lake, possibly looking to... more
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