"Texas, by God"
and the
Peter Brand
Ben.... it's not footnoted or sourced. (nm)
Sun Jun 9, 2019 04:12

  • Wayne ShortBen Harleman, Sun Jun 9 02:04
    As I mentioned, I noted your dissatisfaction with the Parsons & DeMattos book on Luke Short, I had a couple of small issues with it myself, but I'm curious about Wayne Short's book on Luke. Do you... more
    • Diplomacy being my short suit....K.t.K., Sun Jun 9 10:59
      .I'll take just one lesson from Mr. Cash, by not saying a single word about Wayne Short. With the exception of his phony quote by Luke to Bat, about Bat having strange friends in regards Charley... more
    • Ben.... it's not footnoted or sourced. (nm) — Peter Brand, Sun Jun 9 04:12
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