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Bob Cash
The Kid Escapes
Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:03

Why is there so much debate on where Billy got his pistol the day of the escape when an account written that day says he used Bell's own pistol on him?


    • Re: The Kid EscapesBen Harleman, Tue Jun 18 23:05
      Thank you Bob for posting this. It definitely makes it seem that the real action was Billy taking Bell's gun. The article suggests Sam Corbet as the writer of the letter, but it's funny because he... more
      • Re: The Kid Escapesgobs, Wed Jun 19 10:41
        Ben ... is there anything new in this account? ... any obvious lack of affection towards Gauss on Billy's part? ... Gauss was a man who shared a bed with Tunstall the day before he was killed ...... more
        • Re: The Kid EscapesBen Harleman, Sat Jun 22 02:45
          Hi gobs, sorry for the delayed reply. I often get busy with work and vanish for a bit. I don't know of anything new regarding Gauss, I'm just going by the way it's often repeated that Billy spoke to... more
          • Ben ... thanks for the question ... can't decide of course ... all guesswork ... Garrett expressed his conclusions ... some have The Kid prone on the floor at the top of the stairs when he shot Bell, ... more
            • Re: The Speculative Speck On Other's CoattailsJoAnne Harleman, Mon Jun 24 04:03
              Great points there, which really underscores why it remains all mere speculation. If Billy had the gun, why did he wait? And furthermore, if he had a gun, then why did he hit Bell over the head with... more
              • Joanne, two questions of my own gobs, Mon Jun 24 04:45
                Ben ... it is Ben? ... well put ... Kenny keeps us supplied with the historical and intellectual fodder, even though I oftentimes baulk at his conclusions ... you say balk, I say baulk, you say... more
                • Rhetorically intendedBen Harleman, Mon Jun 24 13:49
                  Yup, it's me! Some say balk, I say bawlk. Some say skeptic, I say skaeptick. I'm not a grate speler!! lol I certainly don't want to propose a conspiracy, I'm just meaning that there's enough... more
                  • An author from your side of the pond gobs, Wed Jun 26 11:05
                    I had an afterthought about other Billy books to keep you awake and recommend these ... you'll probably need a lot of waking hours as some of her books run to almost 1,000 pages ... those mainly a... more
                  • A few conspiracy theories involving Poe and Coe ... I like this scenario ... "... everyone seemed to agree that Billy had only socks on his feet when he was killed ... that boy would have to have... more
            • Gobby, actually what i do is called....K.t.K., Sun Jun 23 11:20
              "double clutch shuffle." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TQR-9GdX7c
              • Remarkably agile in your advancing yearsgobs, Sun Jun 23 11:42
                Kenny ... you'll have seen these ... I'm sure I looked them up years ago but never found these longer versions ... variable quality ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbXGP7argD8... more
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