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Ben Harleman
Re: Luke at Deadwood
Tue Jun 18, 2019 23:40

Thanks Bob & Kenny (a week later). It is very interesting as you both point out, that he doesn't even include himself there. Could Luke's presence have been included by Lake, possibly looking to verify stories from Wyatt and getting the name from someone who had it wrong? Perhaps some old timer recalling the Peace Commission and assuming the friendship went back further?

But the question it begs is, how did they become friends then? Did the relationship begin in Tombstone? Perhaps Wyatt and Bat et al needed more hands for the gamblers war and Luke was their kind of guy?

I suppose it's probably safe to speculate that they could have become familiar in other towns, just never really settled in with each other until Tombstone.


  • Re: Luke at DeadwoodBob Cash, Mon Jun 17 00:07
    Also, I believe that in one of the telegrams from the Webster-Hinkle faction to the governor during the Dodge City War it is pointed out that Luke had no history in the city before arriving in 1881.
    • Re: Luke at Deadwood — Ben Harleman, Tue Jun 18 23:40
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