"Texas, by God"
and the
Bob Cash
Great stuff, Kenny. (nm)
Fri Aug 2, 2019 23:27

  • Nobody cares much about HougueK.t.K., Tue Jul 30 15:28
    Making it my duty to research anybody close to Morgan Earp helped in gaining a better understanding of Morg. Hougue, needing a permanent deputy as Under Sheriff of Ford County, hired Morgan at Dodge... more
    • Great stuff, Kenny. (nm) — Bob Cash, Fri Aug 2 23:27
    • He sounds interesting to meWayne Sanderson, Tue Jul 30 16:11
      Why isn't he interesting? Sounds like he has all the elements of a good story going for him: Associations with Hickok, Morgan Earp, shooting scrapes, lawman in his own right. There are people who got ... more
      • ...to Hogue, for reason of proud heritage. On the coast of Normandy there was "THE LEGEND OF LA HOUGUE BIE." La Hougue was an important name in France. In Normandy on the Isle of Jersey was built a... more
        • Texas Charlie YoungWayne Sanderson, Tue Jul 30 21:06
          In your travels have you run across Charles Young, AKA Texas Charlie Young, ran with the Pawnee Bill show in the late 1880's through 1890's as a trick shooter?
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