"just dropped in...
Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:06am

to see what condition" the condition is in! No, really, since Trump's popularity has taken a dive, I suspect (and agree with the pundits) that his campaign will next intimidate voters at the polls much the same as his goons intimidated protestors at his "rallies" which, in my view, makes his "win" just another lie.

So, I encourage voters to go to the polls anyway and resist being intimidated by Trump's goons who will, you can bet, be there. Intimidation worked for Hitler, don't let it work for Trump!

    • underbelly via his real estate "empire" connections... It is common for the mob and other criminal elements to be deeply entrenched in real estate companies... Big ones anyway... So, I suspect that... more
    • I bought a Make America Great Again hatPikes, Thu Oct 13 11:41am
      Fire sale. $30.00 from Trump, $8.99 from Walmart. I heard yesterday Trump came across a large shipment of hats. They were acid washed and look good as new. He's the best recruiter Clinton ever had.