Lech of the Day
Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:00pm

Today, Donald Trump unveiled his new strategy, to be a wild buck. The rich, old, White, racist lech is going to paint another White lech to resemble a well known Black lech. IOW, Trump will compare Bill Clinton with Bill Cosby.

People read about the crowds at Trump rallies and the lack of interest in Clinton rallies. It's the entertainment value. Clinton doesn't insult people as often as the lech. Women, Muslims, Immigrants, Mexicans, Blacks, LGBT, democrats, liberals, Christians, Jews, the Disabled, and now the GOP- by election day Trump may have insulted every demography in America. People attend Trump rallies for entertainment value.

But rallies to win votes? Don't be ridiculous.

Bill Clinton said Trump supporters are mostly rednecks. Not all rednecks are stupid. So what if their yards have more appliances than a Sears show room floor? A Kenmore washer has a black agitator and so does Al Sharpton's church. Hockey players often have missing teeth. Trump doesn't have all his. A few years ago on his knees beside a married couple, he told the husband the wife's hair smelled nice.

A week of debate, debacle, and debauchery, and Trump's new cereal- GOPio's (pour milk on them and they eat each other), made him constipated. No worries. His new manager and accountants worked it out with pencil and paper.