Explain?? More info?? (nm)
Thu Oct 13, 2016 3:51pm

  • Bob Dylan???????????????SJW, Thu Oct 13 3:40pm
    Spare me!!!
    • as well (maybe even McCartney). Lennon at least had 2 books (such as they were) published.
      • What is literature?Pikes, Fri Oct 14 1:20pm
        Nobel Prize for Literature. We study music literature. While many focus on the written word, we forget the written note is literature too, and Dylan combined them. No need to separate the lyrics from ... more
        • communicated by representation on paper. Now, music is, to me, the most amazing art form since it is is conceived in a manner totally different from other art forms...until... more
          • Should ask him Pikes, Fri Oct 14 9:19pm
            I believe he would. Beethoven was a transcendiary force beyond music. He understood its power as we musicians know it. We move people and change people. My living does that all the time in persuasion ... more
          • Seious "Oops!!SJW, Fri Oct 14 8:21pm
            Beaumarchais. Beaumarchais. Beaumarchais!!!
            • Casual "Oops"sjwfabian, Fri Oct 14 8:22pm
              Serious S E R I O U S
              • Serial C E R E A L Pikes, Fri Oct 14 9:59pm
                GOPio's. Pour milk on them and they eat each other.
        • Hmmm... Good point... Perhaps that's why...?Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 14 2:16pm
          Dylan's music and lyrics combined are pretty excellent... Of course, provided HE doesn't sing them... LOL... But seriously, I actually like some versions that he sang but many more that others sang...
    • Explain?? More info?? (nm) — Sia☺giah, Thu Oct 13 3:51pm
      • For Literature, that it...
        • I think you're right....donk, Sat Oct 15 12:31pm
          and the award does open a "can of worms." I heard the prize was based on Dylan's "poetry" of which the music was a part, so, what's the point besides to diminish the Nobel Prize? If I thought... more
        • Right up there with Faulkner, eh?
          • In case you didn't notice...Poppet, Thu Oct 13 8:06pm
            ...I offered no opinion on whether I thought the award was deserved or not. ;)
            • A thought drifted into mind and while your post appeared as neutral as humanly possible, it seemed the more suitable of the two available spots.
              • No worries!Poppet, Fri Oct 14 11:01am
                If my response seemed snippy, it's probably because I'm kind of a b itch. =) Sorry...
            • Okay, I'll bite, what is your opinion? (nm)Sia☺giah, Thu Oct 13 8:22pm
              • "Meh," basically.Poppet, Thu Oct 13 11:59pm
                Some of his lyrics are very moving, very indicative, sometimes, of considerable insight. There's no denying their social impact. Nobel-Prize-worthy literature? I'm not sure they clear that high bar.
                • Well, if they were considering him for his impact onSia☺giah, Fri Oct 14 12:10am
                  social situations and music, then he might... If they are only considering him for his lyrics alone, sans their influence, I'd say they are hardly Nobel-prize worthy either...
        • Just saw this report on itSia☺giah, Thu Oct 13 7:05pm
 DYLAN is an extraordinary songwriter and sure, it qualifies as poetry... Even so, I'm surprised too...