I'm at a loss here, though ultimately music is (in one sense
Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:19pm

communicated by representation on paper.
Now, music is, to me, the most amazing art form since it is is conceived in a manner totally different from other art forms...until we get to Opera, Musical Theater and Dance, which are more collaborative than purely instrumental music....though even that is collaborative/interpretive. To be sure, pure music may attempt to suggest a thing or experience but it NOT that thing or is another independent thing or experience.
Let's take Mozart. Is his music the literature...or is Da Ponte the literary creative power....or should we instead credit Beaumatchais??? Damned if I know.

Is an Opera literature if the "tale" is ridiculous but the music soaring and stirring. IOW, is Il Trovatore literature...or is it pulp fiction, something on a lower level?

Oh, hell, it's all words (oops!) and if you want to call it literature and I'm hesitant I don't think the world will come to an end and it won't make me hesitant to spend nights being di Luna.

BTW, would Jan Swafford agree with your take on Beethoven?

  • What is literature?Pikes, Fri Oct 14 1:20pm
    Nobel Prize for Literature. We study music literature. While many focus on the written word, we forget the written note is literature too, and Dylan combined them. No need to separate the lyrics from ... more
    • I'm at a loss here, though ultimately music is (in one sense — SJW, Fri Oct 14 8:19pm
      • Should ask him Pikes, Fri Oct 14 9:19pm
        I believe he would. Beethoven was a transcendiary force beyond music. He understood its power as we musicians know it. We move people and change people. My living does that all the time in persuasion ... more
      • Seious "Oops!!SJW, Fri Oct 14 8:21pm
        Beaumarchais. Beaumarchais. Beaumarchais!!!
        • Casual "Oops"sjwfabian, Fri Oct 14 8:22pm
          Serious S E R I O U S
          • Serial C E R E A L Pikes, Fri Oct 14 9:59pm
            GOPio's. Pour milk on them and they eat each other.
    • Hmmm... Good point... Perhaps that's why...?Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 14 2:16pm
      Dylan's music and lyrics combined are pretty excellent... Of course, provided HE doesn't sing them... LOL... But seriously, I actually like some versions that he sang but many more that others sang...