Should ask him
Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:19pm

I believe he would. Beethoven was a transcendiary force beyond music. He understood its power as we musicians know it. We move people and change people. My living does that all the time in persuasion of people to buy x product. I can give someone a headache, and cure it ten seconds later when they take the pill, and do it with a sound he forever attaches to the product.

When Beethoven called Handel "the greatest composer who ever lived," I believe that was due to Handel's handles. Hooks people could take home singing to themselves. He found a way to make his music last beyond the exit door. Bach not so much. He did other things we know.

"To the glory of God, the Eternal, the Infinite. I feel closer to God than to others by my music, which cannot incur an ill fate. I must contempt the world that has not the slightest idea music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. To who so ever it makes itself understood, he must become free from the misery with which others burden themselves.

Why does do- (8va)do-, si solla si do, do- la- sol--- make us think "rainbow?"

Then there's gesamptkunswerk and absolute music.

  • communicated by representation on paper. Now, music is, to me, the most amazing art form since it is non-representational..it is conceived in a manner totally different from other art forms...until... more
    • Should ask him — Pikes, Fri Oct 14 9:19pm
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      Beaumarchais. Beaumarchais. Beaumarchais!!!
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        Serious S E R I O U S
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          GOPio's. Pour milk on them and they eat each other.