Dylan is a phenomenal song writer, there's NO reason to
Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:51pm

doubt that he wrote the songs...

However, that does NOT translate into his deserving of a Nobel prize in LITERATURE... ??

Then again, I do not know the criteria that is used to choose or to vote upon...

When Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, I was bewildered because, not that he isn't a good man who WANTS peace, but that he was forced into a situation where he was overseeing two wars, NOT peace... AND he'd only recently been elected at that time, so it appeared to be awarded upon expectations and NOT accomplishments...

So, when that happened, I began to question the criteria used to select Nobel prize winners... and now, even more so because, as great of a song writer that Dylan is, I don't consider it "literature"... but, then again, WTF do I know?

  • I think you're right....donk, Sat Oct 15 12:31pm
    and the award does open a "can of worms." I heard the prize was based on Dylan's "poetry" of which the music was a part, so, what's the point besides to diminish the Nobel Prize? If I thought... more
    • Dylan is a phenomenal song writer, there's NO reason to — Sia☺giah, Sat Oct 15 12:51pm