Excellent speech by Michelle Obama
Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:58pm

She really is a wonderful speaker and she made some excellent points...

Trumpies, just ignore that Trump is mentioned a few times at the beginning because that's NOT why I'm sharing it...... If you want to know how women honestly feel about sexism and the atmosphere of it in the workplace and in social situations, well, she totally tells it like women truly feel about it in terms that even the worst misogynist SHOULD be able to understand...

      • Oh, of course you wouldn't, except that:Sia☺giah, Sun Oct 16 11:09am and especially this: Your comment isn't worth more effort than this... If you're... more
          • First world problems...HeavyHemi, Tue Oct 18 12:10am
            This seems a bit minuscule to be so high on your list of things to worry about.
            • LOL.. well first of all yome, Tue Oct 18 12:47am
              if it was trashing the republicans we know you would be right up in it...and thank God we still have that right. 2nd ... i didn't bring it up. the world-this country is coming to a end anyway nether... more
              • No god is necessary...Truthteller, Tue Oct 18 1:28pm
                to fix what ails this country. What we DO need is mature leadership that can help us solve problems logically and without the taint of money coming from private interests. That is why Citizens United ... more
              • Okay...HeavyHemi, Tue Oct 18 3:19am
                But why is your 'forgiveness' only for those who you agree with politically? Why do you believe your attacks on those you disagree with politically are less 'hateful' than those you're accusing? Not... more
                • forgivness is for everyone who ask yome, Tue Oct 18 12:25pm
                  and I mean everyone. and i don't feel that i attacked anyone, it simply wasn't meant in a mean spirited way, thanks . John 3:16King James Version (KJV) 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his ... more
                • beliefs and comes off as phony because of the snide asides... I'm not buying it as a result... Been there, done that... The furniture doesn't match the rug...