tRUMP harming tourist and travel industries BIG time...
Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:29am


◼ Interest in travel to the U.S. has plummeted since President Trumpís inauguration, according to data from the travel website Kayak. Searches for flights from the U.K. to Tampa and Orlando plunged 58 percent, while searches for Miami were down by 52 percent, and Las Vegas by 36 percent. Overall, the Global Business Travel Association estimates that the U.S. travel industry has lost $185 million in revenue so far because of Trumpís presidency.

Looks like tRUMP's travel ban nonsense is causing enough concerns to affect the travel industry BIG TIME...

    • "Fake news"SES, Wed Mar 15 2:05pm
      President Trump has done NOTHING that would cause a RATIONAL person wanting to legally travel to the United States to decide NOT to. The entity that you SHOULD be blaming for convincing people in... more
      • Hey dumbassMoishe, Wed Mar 15 9:58pm
        Its not about individuals, it's about groups. How many international organizations are going to hold their conventions in the US if some of their members are at risk of being denied entry? Duh!!
      • who reported numbers down significantly... It's NOT about legal vs illegal travel... It's about the HASSLES involved in traveling ANYWHERE nowadays, but especially the USA... People buy their... more
        • ...from say, France, with a valid Passport face due to the so-called "Travel Ban"? None. No hassles. None whatsoever. Well, no more than they've EVER faced since the TSA tightened security after... more
          • Do you get paid to be an Sia☺giah, Wed Mar 15 6:03pm
            ASS as often as possible?
          • My dottir's supervisorPikes, Wed Mar 15 5:30pm
            Lives in London, and traveled to the US weekly for business at their base in Minnesota. But because of travel hassles due to the ban, he is choosing to remain in London, which means her work hours... more
            • planning their VACATIONS typically AVOID any places that they figure might present issues that they don't want to deal with...??? That is a CARDINAL RULE of the tourist industry... Make SURE there... more
            • What ACTUAL new travel hassels Sprout, Wed Mar 15 5:51pm
              has he actually experienced?
              • Enough to remain in London. (nm)Pikes, Wed Mar 15 5:55pm
                • IOW, no facts whatsoever...Sprout, Wed Mar 15 7:15pm
                  Did he ACTUALLY experience increased difficulty? Or did he PERCIEVE that he WOULD experience additional difficulty? They are two very different questions.
                  • ass/u/mePikes, Wed Mar 15 9:26pm
                    If you want to assume my lack of interest in play of your game is evidence of no facts whatsoever, be my guest. I know where this leads with you. It goes there almost every time. Furthermore, I don't ... more
                    • Why should I assume otherwise? Had you said that the visa process was taking a lot longer, that would be one thing. It is certainly possible. Had you said he noticed much longer lines at customs,... more
                      • I know what he saidPikes, Thu Mar 16 12:10am
                        and why. Doesn't matter what you believe in Hypothetica. This is reality. Have a nice argument.
                        • LOL....Sprout, Thu Mar 16 10:50am
                          Sure... you are confident that an opinion, unsupported by facts, since it supports your opinion, must be factual...
                        • LMAO... (nm)Sia☺giah, Thu Mar 16 12:24am
                  • THIS THREAD isn't about your questions... Sia☺giah, Wed Mar 15 7:18pm
                    It is about the lowered numbers seen on travel websites for US destinations... Your attempt to take it down another road is NOT appreciated... If you don't GET IT that PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING in the ... more
                    • Then why not just say it?Sprout, Wed Mar 15 7:38pm
                      That PERCEPTIONS of difficulty are causing people to not travel... Why sell it AS IF real difficulties are the problem? Why? Because it generates more clicks.
                      • Reading IS fundamental.. Sia☺giah, Wed Mar 15 9:48pm
                        How many times and how many ways does it have to be said for you to notice it???? Don't you bother to even read a thread before diving in with your opinions?? I made it CLEAR that it was concerns,... more
                        • Here is the quote:Sprout, Thu Mar 16 10:51am
                          Lease this WebApp and get rid of the ads. Pikes My dottir's supervisor Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:30pm Lives in London, and traveled to the US weekly for business at their base in Minnesota. But ... more
                          • and WHERE did it say HE, PERSONALLY suffered them?Sia☺giah, Thu Mar 16 2:13pm
                            To a DISCERNING reader, it is obvious that he is AVOIDING POTENTIAL HASSLES and thus chose to remain where he was... or did you somehow FORGET about this OTHER British citizen who DID experience... more
                            • Which is why I ASKED... duh....Sprout, Thu Mar 16 2:47pm
                              And then you whined about me asking... Jeez... It is amazing that you will find something to bitch about in ANYTHING...
        • It is also a protestPikes, Wed Mar 15 4:45pm
          Many people are changing their plans, to NOT visit the US because they have other choices. They don't like the travel ban based on selection due to faith. Other places have great cities, beautiful... more