LMAO, Melania has to nudge tRUMP to put hand over heart
Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:05am

    • Remember all the fuss PUBs made over Obama's everySia☺giah, Wed Apr 19 12:41pm
      move, claiming that he 'wasn't an American' if he didn't stand up straight enough - wear his flag pin "right" - etc. etc. etc.
      • A man who needs remindingPikes, Fri Apr 21 7:40pm
        on matters like that doesn't have his priorities in the right place to begin with. They aren't in his heart, or his mind. It is a little thing that shows why Trump is unfit to be entrusted with any... more
        • IndeedContrarian, Sat Apr 22 11:39am
          While not wanting myself to worship false gods, the Commander and the Chief ought to be an automaton when these genuflectors are flagged. And we all realize at this late date that the devil IS in the ... more
    • He was waiting for the RUSSIAN national anthem! (nm)Truthteller, Tue Apr 18 11:30am
    • The Star Spangled BannonPikes, Tue Apr 18 10:30am
      Some people don't know what to do, when they do as they please so long, it becomes habit. Then again I can't think of a more delicious irony than that tune representative of this country and the... more
      • And not about the pleasures of being Gay? (nm)Contrarian, Thu Apr 20 3:28pm
        • SubtlyPikes, Thu Apr 20 6:15pm
          It is a Gay drinking song. Fun to sing. Very poor choice for a national anthem. Brits quietly laugh about it, knowing most Americans have no idea. Not that being Gay is bad. It isn't any more than... more
          • We'll blow me away!Contrarian, Thu Apr 20 11:32pm
            Live and learn.
            • surprised to learn that too...
              • Maybe he penned the verbage and not the notes. Food for further research and grounds for wonderment.
                • Key wrote the lyricsPikes, Sat Apr 22 5:32pm
                  the words- and set them to Anacreon in Heaven. The tune was well known at the time because of its association with debauchery.
                • the music... I am not at all certain WHO did the application of the words TO the song, but FSK DID write the words, themselves...
                  • It's not an easy score to chortle uponContrarian, Sat Apr 22 3:58pm
                    It's so difficult titties fall out of their harness. And not a few have lost their voices to the abuse. I suspect one needs to be drunk and gleefully gay to tackle it. The words are quite inspiring.... more
                    • that's about ALL that it does for me... **chuckle**
                    • Tune's difficultiesPikes, Sat Apr 22 5:42pm
                      First is range. Octave and a fifth. Most people have about a one octave range. Professional singers have about two, more or less. That range is the musical range. A singer may have notes above or... more
                      • Joan BaezContrarian , Sat Apr 22 9:56pm
                        A friend gifted me with her 75 birthday concert, three discs, one of them the concert video. I have her early albums and am always amazed at the clarion quality of her notes, that classically trained ... more
                        • She gave us an impromptu "concert" one Thursday PMSia☺giah, Sat Apr 22 11:53pm
                          at our local bandstand concert... A single tune... This area is a haven for famous folks "hiding out" from the crowds... They mingle with us common folk...
                          • NiceContrarian, Sun Apr 23 2:12pm
                            In my past career, I rubbed shoulders with many well known and famous people. Like two ships passing in the night, job done, have a good life. I always respected their privacy. I never have given any ... more
                        • She's a gem Pikes, Sat Apr 22 11:49pm
                          A star in the firmament. At the time they were working, I was set on becoming a classical musician. That always was my calling. Nowadays I realize contributions by Baez, Dylan, Byrds, Beatles, John... more
                          • I know of that concertContrarian, Sun Apr 23 2:42pm
                            held in Garberville on there about. I tune it in on the radio. My life is a bit hermitic. Jaded as it were. Been there, done that. This area is beautiful. Some years ago a few friends were up... more
                            • Eel RiverPikes, Sun Apr 23 2:59pm
                              Are you in redwoods, or above them? Is that much snow usual? I thought the redwoods occasionally get a dusting of snow, but mostly rain and lots of fog. These are my old lederhosen hanging from a... more
      • Idiot MONDO ALERTTruthteller, Tue Apr 18 11:51am
        I feel so sorry for people who have nothing to do except spread hate and misery.
        • Someone said he is a southern gentlemanContrarian, Thu Apr 20 3:39pm
          Have I been misled? I do post at his civilized discussion board without a problem. It's civilized almost but too many low IQs, me being an exception. Granted, a large number of those there are dingy... more
          • You've been misled...Sia☺giah, Fri Apr 21 1:07am
            He is many things, but a gentleman is NOT one of them...
            • But he has a plantation on the Natchez Trace,Contrarian, Sat Apr 22 2:15pm
              and it's near home of Andrew Jackson. He received an invitation to glad hand with President Trump at the anniversary of the Trail of Tears, at Jackson's Hermitage Planaterium. I do have an affinity... more
          • Isn't that here. Pikes, Thu Apr 20 6:35pm
            Mondo Fuego, granny, Youth in Asia, Statement, Johnny's Grandmother, Town Crier, Quinn, LIE DETECTOR, Sal Mander, Hilarious, Court Reporter, Fact, Expert, gorge, Observance, Asking, Just Sayin... are ... more
            • Add "Bok Choy" to that listTruthteller, Fri Apr 21 12:41pm
              he must REALLY be bored!
              • No Ber Rabbit or Briar PatchContrarian, Sat Apr 22 2:31pm
                That boy is slipping. My, what a lint any for a legacy! Now I know what MF stands for.
              • Constantly adds new ones. Pikes, Fri Apr 21 7:35pm
                Seren Getty is another. Boredom is no excuse or reason to do what he does. His days of doing this may be numbered. He is a person of interest. As with so many things, all it takes is one jerk who... more
        • Board loneliness?Pikes, Tue Apr 18 12:22pm
          I heard his board is in decline, and he is more or less being abandoned and left alone. I have nothing to do with him. He continues to abuse his privilege to use this board as a platform, even though ... more