More evidence of weather manipulation and control
Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:18am

A weather control operation has been underway for several decades. It's hidden in plain sight. Yes, one cannot visually observe microwave energy, but one can see the results upon clouds, weather systems, the jet stream, and in the behavior of the weather patterns. The warfare wet dream is the holy grail of weather control, and the psychopaths are rapidly learning how to screw up the global hydrological cycles. These wicked human beings hide it all behind "climate change." There is no doubt the elephant is tight out in the open, but the vast majority of the people have not a clue, nor believe it's probable. And given all the other depressing scenarios unfolding in the latest headline, I get can only take so much of a cognitive disconnect before shutting down one's sense of impending chaos; the convergence of the perfect storm approaching singularity. Still, we have a mind and a instinct to survive the psychopath's gauntlet, and so we must stay as consciously aware as can be. Attached is a link to the microwaved corralling of two weather fronts. Usually, when this approached is utilized, the weather terrorists are seeking to separate the front from its energy source which is the core at the center. Frequently a core is hit on center with powerful RF which superheated it and creates a collapse of the storm's intensity. Basically, to date it is realized the two pillars of weather manipulation are powerful radar and jets spraying nano-metallic aerosols. These techniques frequently in a dual mode, to destroy and create weather systems.

    • In my original link there are the two images of squared low pressure systems. Both depict how powerful RF is used to separate the storm front from central spinning core. The phased array radar causes ... more
      • begun making these claims... I'm SURE that it is an honest belief on both your parts, but both of you totally ignore all the scientific evidence to the contrary... Instead of disputing it, it goes... more
        • Does he live north or south?Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 5:11pm
          No matter. Anyone that bothers to observe the overhead jets, the patterns, the blitzkreigs, the ugly sheet they pump out, the grunge, the dessicant effect upon the clouds, and the ripples and zapped... more
          • She lives in Loma Linda down near LA... (nm)Sia☺giah, Fri Apr 21 8:31pm
            • You might want to suggest to herContrarian, Fri Apr 21 10:54pm
              to look up 1PacificRedwood. That is a Utube site. He lives in Los Angeles and does a almost daily meteorological analysis of her regional weather. He takes the viewer through the satellite imagery... more
              • She fixates on things and goes hog wild over them... So, I'm quite sure she'll find it on her own... Frankly, I don't especially want to hear it from her too, so I may just ask her about her previous ... more
                • It's not like she is being converted.Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 11:40pm
                  She already knows. 1PacificRedwood is not a nutcase. He is very rational and his production is professional, not unlike a mainstream weather person's forecast. I think you might consider leading her... more
                  • If she insists upon diving in, head first... Perhaps I'll consider it...
                    • And I did not mean to stick my nose in itContrarian, Sat Apr 22 12:04am
                      The truth is I was thrilled to know someone somewhere knows about the in situ Geoengineering program. And vicariously wanted to lead her towards a greater awareness for why she has been in a six year ... more
                      • NOT alone in your beliefs... If it means THAT much to you, I'll point her there... What is the exact link you want to show her? I'll show it to her... But if she goes crazy on this, I'm going to make ... more
                        • 1PacificRedwoodContrarian, Sat Apr 22 4:33pm
                          That is the proper Utube spelling to search out the site. I think it would ground her to know she is not alone in her observations. And he is in LA. She can also go to There... more
                          • Thank you... I will pass it on for you... :-) Sia☺giah, Sat Apr 22 8:25pm
                            I'm sure she'll be interested... There is NO WAY I'd bring her here... She's not accustomed to the type of exchanges that go on here and would be upset by it... If she wants to talk to you, there can ... more
                        • hum'viewer, Sat Apr 22 12:16am
                          At least you show Contrarian respect, that is the only good thing I've seen you do after viewing this board the last few weeks.
          • Manipulation of the tangiblePikes, Fri Apr 21 7:15pm
            I relate so much to history of arts and music because these subjects always recorded some consensus of human thought and endeavor for the time. It is a time and accuracy tested model that never... more
            • You are a wise man, PikeContrarian, Fri Apr 21 11:29pm
              I enjoyed your eschatological flight through history. We are an ephemeral civilization. I far more prefer holding and reading a well bound book than kindle. The drive seems to me to be from the... more
              • Thank you for saying so. Pikes, Sat Apr 22 2:41am
                I love simplicity made from the impossibly complex. A blackboard or entire book of factoring that led to E=mc2. Appears you do too. Our general understanding may be different, but we appear to agree... more
                • Pikes PeakContrarian, Sat Apr 22 5:12pm
                  I am mulling over your last paragraph. For some reason your commentary about what music is and is not, the theories about color keeps popping up. Now, I do not know a great deal about these theories. ... more
                  • We affirm youth is wasted on the youngPikes, Sat Apr 22 5:56pm
                    If the elderly could have youthful vigor and energy, and youth elderly wisdom and experience, there would be no use for the Trumps of the world. I can see you in Manitou Springs. Not the same as it... more
                    • Thanks for the linksContrarian, Sat Apr 22 9:47pm
                      Too bad about Manitou Springs. I go back to the mid-1970s. The same occurred too in Mill Valley, another haunt of mine. It was everything a small town could be, beautiful, quiet, rural, no traffic,... more
                • Contrarian; my friend, Tina; and hundreds of others see these weather changes as a deliberate, human-induced behavior while the majority of us see it as climate changes, whether man-made or... more
                  • Your opinion is founded on "logic"Contrarian, Sun Apr 23 4:55pm
                    Right off the bat you make the classic assumption that those I say are conducting weather war experiments in plain view are rational logical thinkers who would do no harm to all that you describe.... more
                    • governments and top scientists CAN'T FIGURE OUT what "some guys on the internet are telling you that you've chosen to believe"??? Really??? It's NOT just the logic I've employed that it makes NO... more
                      • On the contraryContrarian, Mon Apr 24 1:12pm
                        And yes, I most certsinly do accept my own words knowing full well in this case, as it were,I will never have to eat them. I do not have a belief system. There is no faith underpinning my assertions. ... more
                      • And yet....Robert, Mon Apr 24 9:48am
                        the drum beats on, huh? We'll see soon enuf I suspect. Btw---excellent post!