The DNC/Sanders supporters lawsuit
Tue Jun 13, 2017 4:25pm

I've been soo irritated by the idea that the DNC has the right to rig elections because they are a "private club", when democracy is on the line that I have to talk about it again. Another point, besides the "democracy" angle, is the fact that elections, including primaries, are not only supposed to be about the voter's choice, but are also paid for by taxpayers.

It astonishes me that anyone could argue that they have the right to do everything in their power, which is immense, to favor one candidate over another - behind the scenes - while publicly claiming to be unbiased and fair to all candidates. If that were true there would be absolutely no need to hold primaries, let alone vote in them.

What the DNC did was fraud, plain and simple, but if they somehow win, in spite of how destructive such a result could be, we might as well just burn our voter registration cards and stay home and just watch the SHOW.

    • as an Independent. Can't blame democrats for HIS error.
      • yes you can .yome, Fri Jun 16 2:19am
        plain and simple. and the DNC is controlled by Lucifer, has been for years also. ONLY THING IS IT CAME back on them this time.
      • Yes, and no...Sprout, Thu Jun 15 11:33am
        I think that from a purely ideological standpoint, Sanders should have run as an independent. And IF his goal was to be a spoiler and ensure the REPUBLICAN won the white house, I would say from a... more
        • many democrats agree with you....donk, Thu Jun 15 1:39pm
          and don't see why the DNC accepted Sanders. As much as I might care, I've not seen Sanders propose any legislation IAW his "ideology," but I might not care enough to noice. I am pretty sure the GOP... more
          • and caucuses with them, and they thought he would be easy to beat. They sure as hell didn't encourage any popular Democrats to run; it wouldn't have done any good because Hillary had the Party and... more
      • That's a different subject. Trudy, Thu Jun 15 11:09am
        It wasn't just Bernie voters that were cheated by the DNC, but also Jim Webb and Martin O'Malley and that old guy never were given a chance because of the way the DNC set up everything in favor of HC ... more
        • I can't argue the motives of the DNC....donk, Thu Jun 15 1:48pm
          but Sanders did choose to run as a democrat -- which he wasn't. I'm a little fascinated by your ignoring the fact the Clinton won the nomination and won by the popular vote but lost on the electoral... more
          • Holy cow, Donk. She won because the whole process was rigged in her favor. From the DNC to the MSM, everything was slanted in her favor. Sanders chose to run as a Democrat, yes. And the Party had no... more
      • Actually, That Was Not A Mistake...Amadeus, Thu Jun 15 10:08am
        It was a shrewd decision to leverage the resources and power of a major party. His mistake was counting on the DNC to be impartial, not having a plan ready for implementation should it prove obvious... more
    • I find it irritating, but also LEGAL...Sprout, Wed Jun 14 8:23am
      The fact, whether we like it or not, is that the DNC (and the RNC of course) could choose ANY method that they want to select their nominee. They could hold purely democratic elections where everyone ... more
    • other than changing parties in protest, there's virtually NOTHING that we, the people, can DO about it... They ARE essentially private clubs and therefore, are free to make their own rules and to do... more
      • Ah, so much that is legal. Contrarian, Wed Jun 14 10:49am
        So little that is lawful. Legal and immoral tyranny go hand in glove.
      • IT is FRAUD. Trudy, Wed Jun 14 2:39am
        Fraud is not legal, therefore the DNC owes Sanders donors a refund. Sure, the party can pick any candidate but not while publicly insisting, repeatedly, that the Party is fair and unbiased, thereby... more
        • actually an OPINION that they are... Unless donors were TOLD that their monies were specifically going to the candidate of THEIR CHOICE, it is NOT fraud, regardless of opinionated claims that they... more
          • ...some portions of the party's by-laws, which the suit asserts require equal treatment of all officially-declared candidates. How much merit there is in this assertion is, well...what the case is... more
            • They totally deserve to have to answer to folks who trusted them when they donated... However, everything I've personally seen written on it says the law is NOT with the class action suit... But hey, ... more
            • Yep. Trudy , Wed Jun 14 9:28pm
              "In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process,... more
          • Individuals donated to Bernie directlyTrudy , Wed Jun 14 12:36pm
            believing he had a fair chance. DWS repeatedly appeared on newstalk shows insisting that the process was fair to all candidates. The DNC Charter insists that the Party will remain fair and unbiased.... more
            • behavior... However, it was NOT illegal... I seriously doubt that anyone is going to prevail in court against them because they ARE a "private club", NOT governed by the same rules that govern actual ... more
              • No, you do disagree with me on this. Trudy, Wed Jun 14 7:33pm
                It is a question of whether we have a democratic process or have an anointed queen. Is it legal to defraud voters of the right to choose the candidate that best suits our interests or does the... more
              • and has no duty to members then why have a primary at all? This is not just about the money donated to Sanders and the DNC. It is about trusting that elections are conducted in a way that allows... more
                • A good question...Sprout, Wed Jun 14 4:01pm
                  Honestly I don't think the DNC wanted to have a primary at all. I think they wanted Hillary to go right into general campaign mode having been nominated by unanimous acclaim (unanimous in that no one ... more
          • donations, especially to a party. Yes, if I donated money to the Republican party at the beginning of primary season FIGURING on it being Jeb Bush (many seemed to presume it would be Bush/Clinton... more
            • a particular person or issue, then DONATIONS give ZERO rights to the donor, other than federal laws as to HOW donations can be used... IOW, if the recipient used them for PERSONAL USE, then that's a... more
              • contract document signed by the recipient specifying how that specific money would or would not be used. And I suspect that unless you were making a HUGE donation (probably in the millions), I doubt... more
                • What it boils down to is whether or not Trudy, Wed Jun 14 6:23pm
                  the DNC charter and bylaws are to be viewed as a binding obligation to members and other donors. DWS and other DNC heads insisted publicly that they were impartial. It is not an opinion whether they... more
        • I have to disagree...Sprout, Wed Jun 14 8:27am
          It is only fraud if the alleged victim was not a willing participant. And while many rank and file party members certainly claimed to be unaware of the tools the party leadership COULD use to get... more
          • that the Party was unbiased and treated all candidates equally, to several different news outlets. Not only DWS but several party surrogates said the same. Even those who voted for Clinton have the... more
            • demonstrated that the system within the DNC wasn't as fair and equal as you believe it should be. What I think will be a big factor is that these things were KNOWN (or at least could have been known... more
              • That's another subject too. Trudy, Thu Jun 15 11:15am
                The average voter was clueless about Super delegates and the MSM did everything it could to keep it that way. Pelosi and others made the rounds correcting the media for counting them as having... more
                • Whose fault is that?Sprout, Thu Jun 15 11:28am
                  I'll admit to playing devil's advocate here Trudy... I do think what the DNC did was unethical. I'm just not sure it was ILLEGAL. It may have been unethical, but it may not have been legally... more
                  • many voters are ill informed and want to keep it that way. Especially people over 45 rely on the MSM for information because that's what they've always done. Now we have independent media so younger... more
          • offered or promoted is NOT legally fraud, even if it is ethically fraudulent... NO ONE promised donors to the DNC that their monies would go TO their chosen candidate NOR that their chosen candidate... more
            • on any candidate. It's a question of whether they are legally obligated to not lie about being impartial. Impartial is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of documented facts.