Happy Birthday Mr. Trump!
Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:17pm

Happy Birthday Mr. Trump!

Happy Birthday Trump!
Executive Orders written; 43
Executive Orders implemented; 7
Executive Orders blocked, or under review; 36
Legislation proposed; 0
Legislation passed; 0
Criminal investigations underway; 3
Procedural and compliance investigations underway; 7
Number of tweets: 1048
- Data courtesy Google

Happy Birthday Trump. We will continue to pressure and squeeze you with relentless tenacity until you either comply with the requirements and expectations to be POTUS, or you are impeached, or you resign.

Thank you for leading your followers to call us snowflakes. No two snowflakes are alike, and when they melt, each is a drop of water. Of all dynamics of the earth, water is the one without which life could not exist. Thank you for comparing Liberals with something so useful and essential.

There is the possibility that if you, inept Bigmouth POTUS LOTUS kept yer mouth shut, instead of suggesting and INVITING Russian meddling and interference through the press, NONE of this investigation would occur. But you did, and it is, with lots of legs, growing and feeding... and at the end of the day, it just may turn up a whole little den of political centipedes with all kinds of troubles and miscalculations y'all hoped might fly under public and justice department radar.

You is precisely what you appears. A blow hard windbag who doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut, and his thumbs off Twitter. The press doesn't hobble you. You hobbles yourself.

You can't trust a liar. Trump is a chronic, habitual liar. Untrue in one thing, untrue in everything. Nothing he says can have any credibility to anyone. The USAFA honor code reads, "We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate any among us who do." Trump can't and won't be invited to speak at a USAFA commencement.

Happy Birthday Trump. I received the card from Melania to mail back to you. I wrote,

"Please stop lying, bullying, and tweeting disparagement about minor and little people you don't know and dislike. You combine the look of Patton with mannerisms of Mussolini, and it tends to make people snicker. Underneath this veneer is apparently nothing. Sorry."

Have a nice day.