Apparently, Russia hacked into 39 STATE ELECTION systems
Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:54pm

Breaking news... That's a freakin' BIG DEAL...

The news said that the Russian meddling in our election is FAR MORE EXTENSIVE than previously thought...

    • Hack into reporting systemsPikes, Thu Jun 15 2:49pm
      which are electronic and on line. It wasn't to influence voters, but possibly to affect the count, and more likely to demonstrate they can. Forget not, Trump "invited them," hoping they'd hack... more
    • Any idea of motive?donk, Thu Jun 15 2:04pm
      I mean, the GOP disenfranchised voters everywhere and nobody cared.
      • Yes they did! And we got Baby Bush and 911.Contrarian, Thu Jun 15 11:13pm
        On the other hand where is the electronic proof about the Russian hacking? Any Intel agency with state of the art mimicry can fool the whole world into misdirection, and create a straw man. Certainly ... more
    • Whining? Again? (nm)SES, Thu Jun 15 10:20am
    • Did you know Phooey, Thu Jun 15 12:15am
      the Department of Homeland Security was also hacking state computers. Apparently it's a free for all. Everybody is hacking everybody.