• Methane?et, Wed Jul 12 2:50pm
      So the earth is getting ready to blow a fart?
      • Yeah, looks like it, along with all the cows.Contrarian, Sat Jul 15 3:37pm
        I mention Geoengineering and some cannot abide the term. But mention global warming, or climate change and everyone seems quite comfortable. Be aware: do not mention the subject of a facelift while... more
        • What are the missing letters for the words?Sia☺giah, Sat Jul 15 11:46pm
          Just curious... ?? jet noise... jets... blue skies... no contrails... ??? but what are the first two words? For the record, you can mention geoengineering... Management would just prefer that it not... more
      • reductio ad absurdum HeavyHemi, Wed Jul 12 3:17pm
        As per usual.
        • Succinct! Contrarian, Sat Jul 15 3:41pm
          But my guess is this is just another conspiracy theory, eh? No methane is percolating out of the thawing permafrost? No global warming. No g____________g taking place now but it's a future plan?
    • Some folks seem to think it's the stuff of science fiction, not realizing that it is very likely to be earth's reality someday. The least we can do is TRY to delay it before it's too late to do... more
      • The Part About Ocean Acidification...Amadeus, Tue Jul 11 3:32pm
        ...and that being the coup de grace for a global extinction is what scares me. We are already seeing it. We are seeing it happen right now , and there are idiots on both Ken's board and Mondo's who... more
        • Perhaps you are ignorant of just how muchContrarian, Sun Jul 16 2:07pm
          you and Dane Wigington have in common. His recent article about the Larsen ice shelf is sobering. We really are in a heap of trouble. Your remarks strike a cord with me.
        • If you have not already read it,Moishe, Sun Jul 16 2:45am
          you might be interested in "The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert.
        • on boards we frequent has ZERO actual impact on what may or may not be done about it... MOST of our (mis)-leaders get it that it's happening, they disagree about WHY... tRUMP excluded as he's a... more
          • Trump will be protected by partisan loyaltyPikes, Wed Jul 12 2:17pm
            until Congress becomes aware that such protection makes them vulnerable in spite of redistricting, electioneering, and other methods to increase their vote by suppression of the opposition. Then they ... more
            • Ditto. 26 years of observations here in myContrarian, Sun Jul 16 2:20pm
              remote retreat tells me the heating is occurring. And rapidly. The temperatures are up higher. The cooling trends are less. This place has been overrun with bees, yellow jackets, wasps every year.... more
              • They already do. Why more people don't pay attention to this is baffling. Largely I think Americans take food for granted, and when they think about it, it's connected with some diet- not quality,... more
                • So many diets, so many obese people.Contrarian, Sun Jul 16 3:25pm
                  It's astounding. What is it?! I hear it's bovine growth hormone. Sugary snacks and sodas. In my area I bet 50% of the population is overweight, and most are fat. I see their carts piled high with... more
      • Mad Max is herePikes, Tue Jul 11 1:25pm
        The Redwoods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg1xYjecPsE&t=380s All the old growth redwoods not protected in the California State and National Park system are gone. All of them. The old growth... more
        • Diane Feinstein sold out to HurwitzContrarian , Sun Jul 16 3:08pm
          Grossly overpaid him for some choice trees. The bastards. My area here has no redwoods, but major tree nearly equal in size. There are still a few gargantuan logs lying about here. These have been... more