Personal anectdote alert.
Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:24am

Yesterday, i was in the kitchen, washing my dust-mop slippers, when I suddenly heard a loud male say, "Sheriff's Department, Probation check". There were two of them, and two more at the door asking for the person that lived here 6 years ago. Said this is the address she is using for her probation. When I said she hasn't lived here for six years one of them, seemed to be in charge, gave me a belligerent look, so I said, come on in and look for yourself. They looked in closets and such. The punk of the bunch old me to get out of the kitchen because "there are knives in here". I laughed. He didn't smile. I left the room. What a world.

They didn't apologize or thank me or ask me for her forwarding address, or if I'd seen her, or anything relevant to Jessica. I think it had more to do with my freeloader, crazy person (effed up in Afghanistan and won't take his meds) roommate with a hair trigger temper. I gave him a 30 day notice last month. He has all kinds of drug addicts and whores back there all the time. Until a few days ago, that is. One of the whores called the cops on me for knocking on the door. Was pissed because I woke her freeloading ax up. Told me she never wanted to beat the living shit out of an old lady in her life as much as now. Silly batch said, "I know my rights" and called the cops. Got herself hauled off on warrants. Landlady also called the cops a couple of times. Between the two of them I'm losing my shite. So when the cops came in unannounced yesterday it was like business as usual. My dogs didn't even freak, than goodness.

What a town. What a country.

    • Readers Digest might publish these vignettes. (nm)Contrarian, Sat Jul 15 2:44pm
      • In Laughter Is the Best Medicine? ;) (nm)Trudy , Sat Jul 15 5:58pm
        • Yes, and especially when one is going through Contrarian, Sat Jul 15 9:03pm
          Some changes. What was that song.... "Well, my mind is going through some changes...." 1960s? The police incident would set me off for sure.
          • David Bowie - "Changes" 1971Sia☺giah, Sat Jul 15 11:30pm
            youtube of the song, itself... "Changes" I still don't know what I was waiting for And my time was running wild A million dead-end streets And every time I ... more
              • Twist of Fate.Trudy, Sun Jul 16 7:41pm
              • Au contraireTrudy, Sun Jul 16 7:24pm
                Black Diamond Bay Bob Dylan Up on the white veranda She wears a necktie and a Panama hat Her passport shows a face From another time and place She looks nothing like that And all the remnants of her... more
                • My IQ level is to low to take it all inContrarian, Mon Jul 17 12:26am
                  Suffice it to say I like most of his music. It's an odd phenomenon for me personally, but so long as I do not know the lyrics to a song, it remains of interest. But once I figure out the words, it... more
                  • I can relateTrudy , Mon Jul 17 12:39am
                    My sister and I played "Subterranean Homesick Blues" until we had all the lyrics written down; then we were done with it. But it was a prize for "literature".
                    • HomelessnessPikes, Mon Jul 17 10:53am
                      They're doing a thing here now called Blues Under the Bridge. The bridges over two creeks that meet downtown, long time shelters for the homeless, were rebuilt and the abutments of the most notorious ... more
            • More likely this one...Trudy , Sun Jul 16 3:22am
     Well, my mind is goin' through them changes I feel just like mittin' of time Every time you see me goin' somewhere I know I'm goin' outta my mind, yeah Oh, ... more
    • There is no obligation to answer the door...Sprout, Wed Jul 12 4:18pm
      Even if it is a cop. Some might suggest especially if it is a cop.
      • The didn't knock (nm)Trudy, Wed Jul 12 4:38pm
        • Did they kick the door in?Sprout, Wed Jul 12 6:08pm
          If not how did they get in?
          • **chuckle** Just kidding you, it is confusing what actually happened ...
            • When I saw them they backed up to the door. After they told me what they wanted and gave me some looks, I told them to go ahead and look for themselves.
              • when you told them to come on in, so I thought they must be standing outside a screen door or something where you could see and hear them... Oh well... No biggie...
                • Had they knocked the dogs would have barked. Two of them came right in the house. Two stayed at the door. In hindsight it scares the living crap out of me, but at the time I was cool and calm. Kind... more
                  • What a boatload of NERVE to do such a thing... Sia☺giah, Wed Jul 12 9:50pm
                    They have NO RIGHT to just barge in like that...
                    • Unfortunately all to many examples ofSprout, Thu Jul 13 12:37pm
                      this kind of behavior on YouTube. And the departments inevitably defend the officer instead of correcting the behavior.
                      • terrible sign of the times that police officers, without a warrant or a REASON to anticipate being shot at, dare to just enter a home like that... WTF? That's not even legal... Since WHEN does it... more
                        • I found out today Trudy, Fri Jul 14 12:16am
                          There's a woman up the street that some call "snoopy" because she's a one woman neighborhood watch+. She's a police dispatcher, or some such. Ran into her in the grocery store. I started to tell her... more
                          • It's always nice when a neighbor is helpful, but that kind of help SHOULD have also included a flippin' HEADS UP for you... No excuse for putting you in that position... If you'd reacted badly... more
                            • Nope. Trudy, Fri Jul 14 2:22am
                              It seems she is not someone I'd want to offend. Maybe I'll write her a letter when I get to MO. Or maybe I'll write to the newspaper. Yes, I'm a coward in my old age.
                              • That's not cowardice, that's being smart...Sia☺giah, Fri Jul 14 11:58am
                                If you sense danger somewhere, taking steps to protect yourself is SMART, not cowardice...
                              • ...To fight another day.Pikes, Fri Jul 14 10:03am
                                Sometimes you simply have to make that decision, even when circumstances force it on you. Why people throw others under a train when there is no reasonable or rational gain for them eludes. But some... more
                                • Not so far. Trudy, Fri Jul 14 11:16am
                                  There's a young man I know from the Bernie campaign who recently expressed the desire to head that way. If he wants to go along for the drive it would help immensely as driving puts me to sleep... more
                                  • Overcome fearPikes, Fri Jul 14 11:29am
                                    Time to confront your fear of big dogs. I fear spiders and heights. You can overcome your fears. Doesn't mean they go away. But you can learn to live with them. I assume you have a car? What personal ... more
                                    • LOL... Calling me out on that? ha ha ha Your advice is sound, but it doesn't always work...
                                      • I really don't likePikes, Fri Jul 14 3:06pm
                                        heights and spiders. Unless I said so, nobody would ever suspect that. But it shows such fears are irrational. I have respect for them. Am careful when I work with them. Knowledge is power and... more
                                    • I'm just taking my clothes and basic kitchen stuff - whatever I can get in the car. Stuff means nothing to me since the fire, so it isn't hard at all to let go of the crap I've accumulated in the... more
                                      • Dogs measure size by heightPikes, Fri Jul 14 3:09pm
                                        not mass. They can't judge weight and mass. So if you're taller than the dog, it is no threat to you. You may have to suck up a fear once or twice, but stand your ground and pick up something to look ... more
    • Trudy, are you SAFE in that environment?? Sia☺giah, Wed Jul 12 10:45am
      Booting him out is a good thing, but didn't you "vet him" BEFORE he moved in??? and what if they decide to retaliate? Do you have any alarms there? or way to protect yourself?? Not good... Not good... more
      • He was recommended by a friendTrudy , Wed Jul 12 11:18am
        When he moved in he took his meds and was very helpful to me, but then he got in with the neighborhood's bad crowd. They don't care about anything. They were even told that the women they mess with... more
        • His crowd obviously thinks you have NO business saying anything to them all and being messed up on drugs, who knows what they might be capable of... ?? Just watch your butt !!
        • Do you need his rent for income? Pikes, Wed Jul 12 2:06pm
          Be more alert than usual, and able to get help at a moment's notice. Keep your phone handy and charged. Hopefully the eviction will go smoothly. But you never know. There isn't much we can do.... more
          • Yes, but I have a plan BTrudy , Wed Jul 12 2:17pm
            I don't want to go into the details yet, because I am superstitious about jinxing myself, but my friend and I have plans to make things to sell on Amazon and in local shops. You wouldn't believe how... more
            • Amazon has a special program for handmade items...Sia☺giah, Wed Jul 12 9:54pm
              If you're interested in it, I can send you the links to join Amazon handmade. They offer a year, free of monthly charges... They do take a high percentage of your sale, unlike a few other venues...... more
              • I have been reading up on it. Trudy , Wed Jul 12 10:08pm
                That's why I decided to start there. They make it so easy. I may find other outlets when I get moved, but for now that's the initial plan.
                • lot about certain venues that might interest you and help you set up with insider tips... Amazon does make it easy, BUT, they are very, very strict on meeting shipment dates, responding to questions, ... more
                  • OkayTrudy , Wed Jul 12 10:21pm
                    I'll be making resin salamanders that have a suction cup on the back for sticking on mirrors, and (at some point) some that are 2' long for mounting by the front door. Got the idea from a Turkish... more
            • Did they have a warrant? Pikes, Wed Jul 12 7:00pm
              Show it to you? The homeless situation in America is epidemic. More so in climates where winter isn't deadly. Today a group of evangelists led by Pence put hands on Trump and prayed for him in the... more
              • Just stern looks and 4 guns. I've seen too much to argue with them. I mean, it wasn't a fight I wanted to pick. Sometimes I might need to, but this was not the time. PS. Now, I'm evicted and though I ... more
                • YOU were evicted?? Why?? Sia☺giah, Wed Jul 12 10:04pm
                  Won't you be owed your security deposit back? That should help with transportation home...
                • Nobody in America winsPikes, Wed Jul 12 9:41pm
                  as well as lawyers. The most despicable people I grew up and went to school with became lawyers. The bullies became cops. You're evicted? I thought your tenant was being evicted. Did I misunderstand? ... more
                  • Yes. I gave him an eviction notice Trudy , Wed Jul 12 10:04pm
                    over 30 days ago. My landlady was advised that the only way to get him out was to evict me since he is not on the contract with her. I had already told her I am handling it, but the person advising... more
                    • ThanksPikes, Thu Jul 13 11:21am
                      So relations between you and the landlord are good? This is a method to get rid of him? When he's gone, you may stay? I imagine costs of living are much cheaper in Missouri - but I know... more
                      • Not so good now. Trudy, Thu Jul 13 12:16pm
                        Since I told her to get out when she handed me the eviction notice. She talked some BS about intending to get him out and then make a "new contract" with me. Part of the problem started when my... more
                        • Don't give up. Pikes, Thu Jul 13 12:33pm
                          Ask her if she wants a dependable, reliable tenant like yourself, or is she willing to take a chance and get people like your problem? I understand your longing for seasons. Funny how Bakersfield is... more
                          • I'm just not a flatlander. Trudy , Fri Jul 14 2:39am
                            I need a textured environment. Maybe just a grove of cedar off the main routes, a park with interesting natural features, anything would be better than this place in the middle of a sea of oil... more
                            • Out on the flatlandsPikes, Sat Jul 15 2:51am
                              A person has to travel many miles to see changes in biology. 500 miles from the Rockies across the grassy plains before you enter the eastern hardwood forests, and then a thousand miles of that... more
                              • It speaks volumes about hunters that theyContrarian, Sat Jul 15 2:41pm
                                spend tens of thousands of dollars to bag their own ego. Don't these people have any mirrors at home? So the boys are hunters. Well, they can go straight to hell. Every fall the hunters invade my... more