Should male US CongressMen be allowed to wear short sleeves.
Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:44pm

In US congress, men are required to wear suit jackets and ties. The women are only required to wear long sleeves, but don't need a jacket or tie. Now some of the women are complaining about the long sleeve requirement, even though the dress code for men is stricter. I think these women are inconsiderate hypocrites who only care about themselves and don't care about other people's rights.

Here's a picture of congress person Jan Schakowsky. She is happy she is wearing a sleeveless top, but she does not even care about the man behind her suffering in long sleeves and a jacket.

Should men have the same dress code rights as women? Should men be allowed to wear short sleeves when women are allowed to?

I have serious medical problems with heat. I know from experience I can't handle the heat as well as other people can. I had to go the hospital 3 times for heat stroke, and one of those times I was there for 11 days. Heat also makes me irritable.

    • shouldn't wear "appropriate business attire" while in session
      • Pardon my cynicism...Contrarian, Sun Jul 16 9:16am
        but they ought to wear uniforms. That way their professionalism is much enhanced. I think all professions should wear uniforms. School kids, too. A toga or choir robe is comfortable, granted.... more
    • They should all wear robes. (nm)Trudy, Sat Jul 15 1:26pm
      • Gotta be togasJeeves, Sun Jul 16 8:58am
        • Haha. 😃Contrarian, Sun Jul 16 9:11am
          Yep, there they are off on yet another "fact finding mission" to some far away orgy. How fitting they are framed by what appears to be a wine cellar. What is missing is the corporate supplied jet.
      • Haha...🤑. What kind of robes?Contrarian, Sat Jul 15 3:16pm
        Ermine? Or plain old bathrobes and hairy furry slippers? I think they should consider doing penitence and wear sackcloth with a liberal cloud of dusty fireplace ashes heaped upon their whoring... more
        • Oh, say, choir robesTrudy, Sun Jul 16 12:13am
          they should be red or blue and Bernie can wear white.
          • Preferably shrouds, most of 'em.Poppet, Sun Jul 16 9:48am
            Yeah, I know...wishful thinking.
          • Addison McConnellPikes, Sun Jul 16 12:48am
            His real first name, and he hates it. Loathes it. Hence from now on I am calling him by it. Addison. Uglier on the inside than he is on the outside, and he's twice as ugly as me. That is saying... more
            • Addison! Sweet. 😜Contrarian, Sun Jul 16 9:06am
              He is the main obstacle to the program and monies to rebuild our national infrastructure. He put the kabosh on it. I suppose he wants the monies to go to war and the burgeoning surveillance police... more