Trump Jr's Meeting With Russians Was Recorded?
Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:12pm (XFF:

I am seeing a couple of articles popping up on this. If so... that would be pretty big news, methinks.


    • Don Cheetolini is tied to the coverupJeeves, Tue Aug 1 7:47am
      No surprise, but it's finally getting documented. Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer (excerpts) On the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Germany last month, ... more
      • That's what makes it all SO incredibly whacked...Sia☺giah, Tue Aug 1 9:24pm
        They don't seem to understand that this is the BIG TIME, it's not the small potatoes of a family run business scandal potentially resulting in a fine or a lawsuit they can drag on forever... It's a... more
    • Who recorded it? (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Jul 18 1:46am
      • NSA thru Patriot Act authorizationPikes, Tue Jul 18 10:02am
        Didn't Comey say that when questioned by Congress? Remember Trump's threat about their conversations being taped? Comey indicated they were recorded. All of them. But not by Trump. Then, silence.... more
        • Comey's conversations with tRUMP were not recordedSia☺giah, Tue Jul 18 9:36pm
          at least not their MEETINGS, from what I've seen so far... But perhaps their phone calls were, IDK... Seems reasonable... However, I'm all but positive that the only other campaign people's... more
          • I suspect at end of the day,Pikes, Wed Jul 19 5:03am
            we may be surprised at what evidence was collected. Trump invited this recording issue with his flapping, threatening gums before the Comey testimony. Seems more like an episode of a modern Twilight... more
            • Going a little off the rails aren't you?SES, Thu Jul 20 12:14pm
              This thread was about Trump JUNIOR's meeting in June 2016, five months BEFORE Trump was elected. So how would it's being secretly recorded have been because of anything Trump had said to Comey?... more
              • Lose the big picture? Pikes, Thu Jul 20 2:21pm
                The roots go deep, are old, and connected. Public awareness is relatively recent, and probably superficial.
                • meeting between Donald Jr, Manafort, Kushner, and the Russian operatives was recorded back in June 2016 that Amadeus said he'd been hearing "noise" about... ?????
                  • How far back?Pikes, Thu Jul 20 10:08pm
                    When did they become aware? I know there are accusations out there about the Obama administration knowing about Russian interference, hacking into DNC materials and doing nothing about it. Seems like ... more
            • I didn't know anything about that... It's kind of cool, actually... Not a GOOD thing, but still a cool thing they got away with for 7 years ...?? WOW... However, I still don't know how the presumably ... more
              • When Comey concluded his testimony, he added a piece about need for precise, accurate documentation. To write down exactly what Mr. Trump said. Standard protocol is done by recording and then written ... more
                • out to his car where he quickly wrote everything that transpired down while still fresh in his mind so he'd get it accurately... I didn't hear or pick up on anything that hinted that HE'D recorded it ... more
                  • Following TrumpPikes, Thu Jul 20 11:51am
                    Human memory is faulty, and forgetting occurs with amazing speed. Even in almost immediate recollection, forgetting begins. Comey said something to someone else in a follow up interview, in reference ... more
                    • remembering key words and phrases to document statements... I have ADHD and I speak MUCH better than that... Sure, I interrupt myself and go on side trips during "stories", but NOTHING like him...... more
                      • Filler wordsPikes, Thu Jul 20 10:58pm
                        he uses lots of them. Basically, like, greatly, hugely... I think your cops are better trained and more intelligent than those who infest my region. We have lots of bullies who went into law... more
        • That is not true.Quinn, Tue Jul 18 12:59pm
          Read Comey's testimony!
          • Do you have a linkPikes, Tue Jul 18 6:48pm
            to an unedited, unabridged testimony? I asked questions which you said are not true. How can questions be not true? Frankly I am not inclined to comb through all that material in effort to find a... more
            • LinksQuinn, Wed Jul 19 11:30am
              • Thank you for the confirmationPikes, Wed Jul 19 11:59am
                WARNER: I think that’s a very important statement you just made. How does one write down and document in the detailed way Comey described?
          • Comey was FBI, not NSATrudy, Tue Jul 18 2:24pm
            and William Binney, a former highly placed National Security Agency (NSA) official turned whistleblower, surmised it is “very likely, in fact, most probable” that the NSA has recordings of President... more
            • I thought Pikes, Tue Jul 18 6:41pm
              Comey said he was cooperating with the NSA, and or others with interest in this.
    • Likely becausePikes, Mon Jul 17 6:36pm
      of Patriot Act. I read all Trump conversations over the last 18 months are in DOJ hands.