Officers Found “Not Guilty” Despite Footage of Them Beating
Sun Aug 6, 2017 3:15pm

How in the hell can they be found not guilty? No excuse.

    • Who is this anonymous? (nm)Pikes, Sun Aug 6 3:18pm
      • Oops, sorry. I'm the guilty party. (nm)Trudy, Sun Aug 6 3:45pm
        • No worries ;-)Pikes, Sun Aug 6 3:56pm
          We have occasional visitors from the dying White community including its defacto mayor. Their disparagement posts are deleted on sight, or confirmation. Yours is informative- an immediate giveaway.
          • Tasered in the face twiceTrudy , Sun Aug 6 4:35pm
            Looks like he's been in a fire. Took days to die. Homeless person, mentally ill, known by the first cop on the scene. Cop got pissed because he wasn't cooperating, put on his rubber gloves and beat... more
            • That's horrible... (nm)Sia☺giah, Sun Aug 6 6:44pm
              • Worse than horribleTrudy , Sun Aug 6 6:58pm
                It's evidence, mounting daily, that the police can do anything and will not be held accountable. How many incidents like this are so many that the average Jane realizes we are in big trouble here.... more
                • The essence of Himmler and the SS has never beenQuantafyre, Sun Aug 6 8:50pm
                  destroyed but grows behind a screen of indifference and fear. In 50 to 100 years america will be a complete Orwellian police state. Some argue that it's already reached that state. All we need is... more
                  • It's later than we thinkTrudy , Sun Aug 6 9:32pm
                    If it happened to me or mine I'd be sure it was too late to care.
                    • AlonePikes, Sun Aug 6 11:36pm
                      Alone That's why I am writing and producing this elevator music.