Is It OK for Sessions to Threaten He’ll Go After Reporters?
Mon Aug 7, 2017 9:09am

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I do not think that it is OK for Sessions to go after reporters for publishing leaked information that embarrasses President Trump.

But I do think that Sessions should do so with a vengeance, and make no apologies, knowing that President Trump will have his back.

    • Holy Crap... Going after freedom of the press?Sia☺giah, Mon Aug 7 9:35am
      Because they can't stop the LEAKERS? That's just TOO DAMNED BAD... Stop doing STUPID THINGS and there will be nothing out there to embarrass the CLOWN...
      • ...treasonous acts. If the Press acquires "State secrets", they don't have carte blanche to release it. Just because they weren't the SOURCE of it, doesn't let them off the hook. I've read about FDR... more
        • There used to be some degree of integrity inSprout, Mon Aug 7 10:52am
          the media. And at one time, even they understood that they had some RESPONSIBILITY for handling sensitive information. But now, the ideal that the press seeks to emulate is Wikileaks, with no concern ... more
          • the White House a DUMP... or that he said that He won (but he lost) NH because it's a drug infested den (or something on par with that) and that he insulted Australian officials... etc. Ironic that... more
          • Mentality of "winning"Pikes, Mon Aug 7 11:41am
            What do you expect from a binary culture of winners and losers functioning within the binary thought of winning and losing? I received a survey from the RNC. Rate Trump's performance Winning... more
            • I agree wholeheartedly...Sprout, Mon Aug 7 12:18pm
              Every media outlet wants to have the best ratings. From a business standpoint I can understand that desire because it equates to the best profit. However, where I part company with their thought... more
              • How it should lookPikes, Mon Aug 7 3:54pm
                President Trump is effective. 1. Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly disagree
                • the answer structure that they had for quite a large number of issues and individuals... But they were a legitimate NH polling agency...
                  • The RNC responses were not numbered, and are ludicrous. No way to measure, and the qualities are meaningless. Do they intend to share their data, or will that be "fake news." Numbering is important... more
                    • questions as well, depending on what the question was... The questions all offered at least: 1-strongly agree 2-somewhat agree 3-undecided or unfamiliar 4-somewhat disagree 5-strongly disagree The... more
                      • Wait until his first budgetPikes, Tue Aug 8 9:22pm
                        It will be based on his beliefs, not national needs. It is likely to be as unstable as he, and financial markets HATE instability. At this time next year, Russian collusion may be a minor issue... more
                • Absolutely...Sprout, Mon Aug 7 4:30pm
                  A clear and concise question. And answers that do not present ambiguity or bias. GOOD surveys look just like that.
      • Trump Is Jealous of His Idol, Putin,Merlin, Mon Aug 7 10:42am
        who does not have to worry about the freedom of Russian Press. Don, please explain again this freedom of press...are you sure is such thing or Deep Staters messing with your head?
    • It isn't black and white....Sprout, Mon Aug 7 9:24am
      Let's use the buzz word of the year.... COLLUSION... If the reporter COLLUDED with a white house staff member in BREAKING THE LAW, that reporter should be held responsible for that legally right? Or... more