God has a sense of humor. He gave them Trump.
Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:04pm

Expressing itself across America today is the insanity of crowd mentality. Reason can't prevail because everyone is talking, and almost nobody listens or reads.

It takes a bird to possess the wisdom and awareness to land on a statue of a bigot and relieve its cloaca. Statues of great men erected around the world provide a useful function, concentrating pigeon excrement where people are unlikely to step in and otherwise come into contact with it. The bird excrement may remind people of the many people trampled by these men in pursuit of their eating, sleeping, and leaving their own excretions.

"I am praying that God help us all," Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy said in an interview with CNN. "We are better than this."

The solution for trouble like this is in our hands, not God's. It is comforting to be able to pile onto God, those troubles for which we don't want to take time to truly understand and resolve. We should not have comfort as long as we are so easily willing and able to "give it to God." Giving trouble to God should be the last, last, final resort when there is no other solution available.

Trump appointed a chief strategist and adviser who advocated for this kind of violent uprising for many years. Their followers feel vindicated and empowered. For absolution they shift and visit their own "qualities" on those accused. In the time of Berkeley, Kent State, Vietnam and Nixon, protests were by young people for almost exactly the opposite reasons as those now.

The alt-right disparaged Obama for his entire presidency, making up all manner of accusations. Virtually none were true. As long as people pass along statements and beliefs like that, not knowing for certain if they are true or not, nothing is moved toward resolution.

The nationalist state this movement mimics enjoyed about a dozen years unchecked, although the last three were fairly catastrophic for them. Jews, and undesirable foreigners were their undesirable Liberals and foreigners.

There is perhaps no better commentary about the dismally poor history education people received than the repetition of this history. Those who ignore it, or never learned it are condemned to repeat it.

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Hillary Clinton is considering becoming a preacher. No kidding. She found a tax-exempt profession that doesn't even require 501(3)(c). The religious right say Trump is an instrument in the Hand of God. Who knew toilet paper could be considered an instrument?

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