I'm so happy that you can see the distinction.
Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:56am (XFF:

Unfortunately, another NEGATIVE impact of this asinine Liberal nonsense is that millions of people who are NOT as intellectually discerning as you are can NOT see the distinction.

They've demanded that memorial stones in cemeteries marking Confederate graves be removed.

They've toppled at least one Confederate statue in a cemetery.

They've started demanding that Confederate monuments on the Gettysburg Battlefield be removed, for crist's sake.

They started a petition to have the Washington Monument in DC removed. That Petition actually pre-dates all of the current Liberal lunacy.

It wouldn't surprise if they start attacking UNION monuments out of ignorance. There's one here in Petersburg, in honor of one of the first Union units to breach the Confederate lines when the City fell. It wouldn't surprise me to see it spray painted with "RACIST!' or "KKK" at some point.

So there's another negative impact -- ignorant people have been incited to demand asinine acts as a way of improving race relations, as if any of it will do one damn thing to improve even one person's life.

So much tension inflamed for absolutely no goddamn reason.

  • that HE and thousands of other current and former students would be UPSET... Pretty much the SAME thing he's dismissing as legitimate reasons for taking them down... PERSONALLY, I see NO REASON to... more
    • Agree--context is everythingTruthteller, Thu Aug 24 1:23pm
      I don't want ANY statues destroyed; but it would be good to remove them from gov't owned property and re-place then in confederate cemeteries and the like. I don't really see a problem with having... more
    • I'm so happy that you can see the distinction. — SES, Wed Aug 23 8:56am
      • Both sides go hog wild sometimes...Truthteller, Thu Aug 24 1:26pm
        for me, I can't think of a better place to put them than at Gettysburg and other notable battlefield sites. And Derp Fuhrer was the one who brought up Washington and Jefferson. That's because he is... more
      • Gee...more feelings...HeavyHemi, Wed Aug 23 1:38pm
        You're always on the side of immature emotional outrage. Frankly I don't think you'd have my back when it counts. You'd be in a corner crying about how unfair it is.