You Call That Tangible Negative Impacts?!
Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:10am

If VMI graduates choose to oppose moving their memorial to a more appropriate venue and context, then they will most likely be called names. Sticks and stones as the proverb has it.

As for the school's identity, it does not reside in a statue. And if it does, then it will continue to do so when the statue is moved.

  • Then you didn't read it.SES, Wed Aug 23 8:47am
    A negative impact -- Thousands of graduates of the Virginia Military Institute will be branded racist White Supremacists. Another negative impact - The school will lose much of its identity. Now --... more
    • You Call That Tangible Negative Impacts?! — Merlin, Wed Aug 23 9:10am
      • ...then you really shouldn't comment. The school is all about "citizen-soldiers". People who are just as capable of serving their community, as serving in the military. People who can drop their... more
        • well, I'd hate to think that little of any institution.
          • As expected...SES, Thu Aug 24 12:16pm
            ...none of you Liberal pukes can come up with one single example of a person whose life will actually materially in a tangible way be improved by taking down "Virginia Mourning Her Dead" and digging... more
            • belong there and should remain, the FACT remains that you ALSO have not given a single example of how a person's life will actually, materially, in a tangible way, be DAMAGED by taking down the... more
              • ...demanding that these statues, that haven't hurt anyone in a hundred years, be taken down: Born: 5/29/1985 Died: 8/12/2017 Now, for the gazillionth time, tell me just ONE SINGLE PERSON whose life... more
                • You...HeavyHemi, Sun Aug 27 2:27am
                  should be ashamed to even use her picture. That you would to support your own vile bigotry...I guess it was predictable...Trump Trooper.
                • MANY will "get jobs" if they are removed...Sia☺giah, Fri Aug 25 11:42pm
                  Someone will have to be paid to remove them and install them elsewhere... There you go... All kinds of people will benefit with paid jobs to do that... **smirk**
                • impacted in ANY MATERIAL, TANGIBLE WAY on EITHER side... Not negatively, not positively... I hate to have to clue you, but she was killed by a White Nationalist hell bent on hurting people he... more
                  • ...answering this simple question would require that you use logic instead of emotion. Simple question: Would Heather Heyer be dead today if no one had ever suggested that the Lee statue in... more
                    • Oh PUHLEEZE... Sia☺giah, Fri Aug 25 1:49pm
                      Heather Heyer would be alive today if ALT RIGHT PUKES didn't show up in Charlottesville so as to protect what THEY clearly view as SYMBOLS of their beliefs and people, such as yourself, didn't object ... more
                • So...Amadeus, Fri Aug 25 10:06am
                  ...if we'll all just leave the racist monuments up, the racists won't have to murder anyone? That's your best argument? What? And after repeated explanations of how such displays have hurt... more
                  • What's YOUR argument?SES, Fri Aug 25 11:48am
                    If dumbsh*t scumsucking Liberal pukes hadn't made these monuments an issue, Heather Heyer would still be alive. That's just a simple fact. Something that dumbsh*t scumsucking Liberal pukes hate --... more
                    • No.Amadeus, Fri Aug 25 3:05pm
                      What's YOUR argument? If dumbsh*t scumsucking Liberal pukes hadn't made these monuments an issue, Heather Heyer would still be alive. The fact that you need to sprinkle the insults in shows the... more
                      • Well said... !! Sia☺giah, Fri Aug 25 4:55pm
                        Our only disagreement on the issue is if ALL of the statues and monuments should be removed, and if not, which ones should be... I'm totally open to any and all reasonable debates on individual... more
                    • by leaving them in place vs. moving most of them to a more appropriate historical context** such as historical museums, parks, cemeteries, and battlefields. Additionally, HOW is ANYONE'S LIFE going... more
                      • ...improved if the monuments remain where they are. Done. Fine. Let's go with that. Next question would be -- will anyone's life be improved by REMOVING the monuments? No one has been able to tell me ... more
                        • Why?wondering, Fri Aug 25 3:07pm
                          Why would attempting to remove those monuments get people killed? Or divide people? Why should anyone care about those monuments being removed any more than people care about them staying? Why?... more
                        • I believe that it's basically an EMOTIONAL ISSUE on BOTH sides??? NO ONE will be impacted in a tangible, touchable, life changing way no matter WHAT they do with the monuments... (other than if they... more
                        • You use any platform to bash LiberalsPikes, Fri Aug 25 1:53pm
                          It appears not only a highlight of your life, but perhaps its most shining moments.
            • ExpectedHeavyHemi, Thu Aug 24 12:33pm
              Demonstrated why the Marines knew you were not officer material.
        • Feelings, nothing more than feelings...HeavyHemi, Wed Aug 23 1:36pm
          Since your tangible revolves around it, it is true we can't feel your...the intangible. Too bad your education was not focused on areas that would have made you value honor over feelings.
        • Is your attitude a result of VMI education?Pikes, Wed Aug 23 12:33pm
          Do you represent the school, or does it represent you? My children would not have wanted to attend such a school, and didn't. Citizen soldiers"? The Salvation Army likes soldiers too. Members are... more
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