Agree--context is everything
Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:23pm

I don't want ANY statues destroyed; but it would be good to remove them from gov't owned property and re-place then in confederate cemeteries and the like. I don't really see a problem with having them at a school like SES described.

  • that HE and thousands of other current and former students would be UPSET... Pretty much the SAME thing he's dismissing as legitimate reasons for taking them down... PERSONALLY, I see NO REASON to... more
    • Agree--context is everything — Truthteller, Thu Aug 24 1:23pm
    • Unfortunately, another NEGATIVE impact of this asinine Liberal nonsense is that millions of people who are NOT as intellectually discerning as you are can NOT see the distinction. They've demanded... more
      • Both sides go hog wild sometimes...Truthteller, Thu Aug 24 1:26pm
        for me, I can't think of a better place to put them than at Gettysburg and other notable battlefield sites. And Derp Fuhrer was the one who brought up Washington and Jefferson. That's because he is... more
      • Gee...more feelings...HeavyHemi, Wed Aug 23 1:38pm
        You're always on the side of immature emotional outrage. Frankly I don't think you'd have my back when it counts. You'd be in a corner crying about how unfair it is.