Let's assume for a moment that no one's life will be...
Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:49pm (XFF:

...improved if the monuments remain where they are.

Done. Fine. Let's go with that.

Next question would be -- will anyone's life be improved by REMOVING the monuments?

No one has been able to tell me one damn person whose life will by improved. No one who will then be able to get a job, or housing, or acceptance to a college. Nothing.

And attempting to remove these monuments has and will continue to inflame tensions. Get people insured. Get people killed. Damage property. Divide people.

And as we've seen, for no goddamn good reason.

I love how Liberals, when backed into a corner, hem and haw and then grab onto the idiocy of "Well, public money goes to maintain them, so....."

So once every 20 or 30 years they spend a little money to clean a monument. THAT'S suddenly a problem.

The solution?

Let's spend millions of dollars to have them removed. And let's spend more millions to build or expand museums to move them to.

And for no goddamn good reason.

Just so much Liberal stupidity oozing out all over the place on this issue.

  • by leaving them in place vs. moving most of them to a more appropriate historical context** such as historical museums, parks, cemeteries, and battlefields. Additionally, HOW is ANYONE'S LIFE going... more
    • Let's assume for a moment that no one's life will be... — SES, Fri Aug 25 1:49pm
      • Why?wondering, Fri Aug 25 3:07pm
        Why would attempting to remove those monuments get people killed? Or divide people? Why should anyone care about those monuments being removed any more than people care about them staying? Why?... more
      • I believe that it's basically an EMOTIONAL ISSUE on BOTH sides??? NO ONE will be impacted in a tangible, touchable, life changing way no matter WHAT they do with the monuments... (other than if they... more
      • You use any platform to bash LiberalsPikes, Fri Aug 25 1:53pm
        It appears not only a highlight of your life, but perhaps its most shining moments.