Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:49pm

Heather Heyer would be alive today if ALT RIGHT PUKES didn't show up in Charlottesville so as to protect what THEY clearly view as SYMBOLS of their beliefs and people, such as yourself, didn't object so vehemently against their removal... So there... Since YOU are also on the side of those who showed up to spew their hatred in favor of those inanimate, "harmless" monuments, then YOU are ALSO to blame for Heather Heyer's death... How do you like them apples?


Do you NOT fathom the ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE between the hatred that killed her and the supposedly benign nature you are assigning to those statues & your position that they should remain?

Do you NOT understand that you've just undercut your OWN argument by bringing in the hatred associated with KEEPING them???

Right now, you're espousing that anything considered "bad" or "evil" should NEVER be addressed lest someone be injured when two sides fight over it... So, should Europe, Russian, and America have ignored Nazi Germany because millions of people died as a result of the declaration of war?

You are taking the position that NO ONE should protest against Neo-Nazis, KKK, White Nationalists, and other hate groups because ONE, or more, of them might kill or injure someone !!

You'd best REALLY consider what you are suggesting right now... Think on that until your head hurts, MAYBE you'll figure it out...

Personally, I think it is a legitimate argument about which monuments should remain and which should be moved... However, ANYONE who associates the HATE GROUPS with their own argument are ASKING for the side of taking them ALL down to prevail... Smarten up... DENOUNCE those people and STOP trying to play both sides so as to support your position. If you blame the protestors and use the death of Heather Heyer as a reason why the protestors are "to blame" for the violence, then you are on the side of the HATERS, not with the decent folks who believe they should remain for reasons OTHER than symbols of hatred. You are advocating ALLOWING hatred a full measure of freedom to hate in public without censure.

  • ...answering this simple question would require that you use logic instead of emotion. Simple question: Would Heather Heyer be dead today if no one had ever suggested that the Lee statue in... more
    • Oh PUHLEEZE... — Sia☺giah, Fri Aug 25 1:49pm