Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:05pm (XFF:

What's YOUR argument?

If dumbsh*t scumsucking Liberal pukes hadn't made these monuments an issue, Heather Heyer would still be alive.

The fact that you need to sprinkle the insults in shows the weakness of your position. And it is so weak. The racist made the choice to engage in violence on a scale that was lethal. He could have shouted at Heather. He made his choice. It was the wrong choice. We've seen a lot of that in this thread. People making poor choices, and reacting poorly when those choices are exposed.

That's just a simple fact. Something that dumbsh*t scumsucking Liberal pukes hate -- facts.

There's that weakness again. And right along behind it, error. You aren't dealing with facts. The facts align against you. The facts here are bewilderingly all against you, and yet, in Trumpish fashion, you think that just by declaring them on your side, you can make it so. You can't.

How have communities been hurt constantly since these monuments were put in place?

Many of those statues were put into place as messages to blacks. If you don't understand how that hurts the community, then you're part of the problem, and it doesn't matter how many black friends you have. If you don't understand the intimidation caused by a Confederate battle flag flying in front of government buildings in the south (or anywhere, for that matter), then you're part of the problem.

Tell me how any single person's life will be materially be improved by taking down these monuments?

You can't. Because it won't.

People have been telling you constantly since these conversations have started. Just listen.

When our communities come together to stand against white supremacists and against racism - when we stand together for diversity, for unity, for each other, then not only do we improve individual lives by making individuals feel safer and more secure in their communities, but we show our children what it means to be a part of our communities. We show them that our communities need to grow and work on things like this - it doesn't just happen on its own. Community is an activity. Not a thing. You have to make it happen. You have to take responsibility for it.

All that evil requires is for good people to stand by and do nothing. And all that some good people require is an excuse like, "Well, if we just leave them alone, maybe they won't kill anyone else."

So, yeah. I think my argument is orders of magnitude better than yours. And I didn't even have to insult you. Your argument does a fine job of that all on its own.


  • What's YOUR argument?SES, Fri Aug 25 11:48am
    If dumbsh*t scumsucking Liberal pukes hadn't made these monuments an issue, Heather Heyer would still be alive. That's just a simple fact. Something that dumbsh*t scumsucking Liberal pukes hate --... more
    • No. — Amadeus, Fri Aug 25 3:05pm
      • Well said... !! Sia☺giah, Fri Aug 25 4:55pm
        Our only disagreement on the issue is if ALL of the statues and monuments should be removed, and if not, which ones should be... I'm totally open to any and all reasonable debates on individual... more
    • by leaving them in place vs. moving most of them to a more appropriate historical context** such as historical museums, parks, cemeteries, and battlefields. Additionally, HOW is ANYONE'S LIFE going... more
      • ...improved if the monuments remain where they are. Done. Fine. Let's go with that. Next question would be -- will anyone's life be improved by REMOVING the monuments? No one has been able to tell me ... more
        • Why?wondering, Fri Aug 25 3:07pm
          Why would attempting to remove those monuments get people killed? Or divide people? Why should anyone care about those monuments being removed any more than people care about them staying? Why?... more
        • I believe that it's basically an EMOTIONAL ISSUE on BOTH sides??? NO ONE will be impacted in a tangible, touchable, life changing way no matter WHAT they do with the monuments... (other than if they... more
        • You use any platform to bash LiberalsPikes, Fri Aug 25 1:53pm
          It appears not only a highlight of your life, but perhaps its most shining moments.
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