The statue, Virginia Mourning Her Dead is NOT a memorial of
Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:17am

the Confederacy, per se. Where the cadets are actually buried is where it stands. That is why I don't agree that a monument that marks the burial plots of some of the dead cadets and is named "Virginia Mourning Her Dead" **should** come down. No, IMHO, it should remain where it is because it is merely a memorial like those found in a cemetery. I don't see ANY reason for yearly commemoration of the battle though... That parade & commemoration is definitely more than just a cemetery type of memorial as the Virginia Mourning Her Dead is.

"In 1864 the VMI Cadets were called upon to assist in fighting an invasion of the Shenandoah by a Union Army. The Cadets marched miles down the valley, and were thrown into the battle. They played a pivotal role in the Confederate victory. 1 in 4 Cadets were casualties, including 10 who were killed.

Some of those Cadets were laid to rest in front of the Engineering building on Post. I was a Civil Engineering student and walked past them almost everyday. "Virginia Mourning Her Dead" sits in front of them. The Corps of Cadets recognizes their sacrifice every year with a parade in their honor."

As for the statue of Stonewall Jackson there, he was a renowned professor there and, to this day, his battle tactics are taught there to today's military. The cannons there TOO, do lend themselves to being considered Confederate commemorations, but, at the same time, Stonewall Jackson is buried there AND his military tactics are still taught... For that reason alone, I think it's reasonable to allow it to remain. If it wasn't for his direct connection to the school AND his methods still being taught, I might feel differently, but am willing to compromise on it as it's not black'n'white there...

  • They Made The Wrong Choices...Amadeus, Wed Aug 23 11:05am
    And they were later celebrated for doing so. Later still, others pledge to fight to protect their tradition of honoring those mistakes - the honoring itself a mistake. It's sad, all the way around.... more
    • The statue, Virginia Mourning Her Dead is NOT a memorial of — Sia☺giah, Sun Aug 27 12:17am
      • If The Only Dead Buried There...Amadeus, Mon Aug 28 10:17am
        ...are Confederate dead, that weakens the argument a bit. I agree that memorials to the dead are fine, on the battlefield or in the cemetery. Best when they are memorials to all the dead. Memorials... more
      • Case by casePikes, Sun Aug 27 10:50am
        You can't just say all such statues should be removed. Just like people, unique circumstances apply to each and every one.