If The Only Dead Buried There...
Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:17am (XFF:

...are Confederate dead, that weakens the argument a bit.

I agree that memorials to the dead are fine, on the battlefield or in the cemetery. Best when they are memorials to all the dead.

Memorials at a military academy? Not as appropriate. Especially if the only dead there are cadets being honored for serving the Confederacy. I'm not sure if that is the context here. That was my original understanding.


  • the Confederacy, per se. Where the cadets are actually buried is where it stands. That is why I don't agree that a monument that marks the burial plots of some of the dead cadets and is named... more
    • If The Only Dead Buried There... — Amadeus, Mon Aug 28 10:17am
    • Case by casePikes, Sun Aug 27 10:50am
      You can't just say all such statues should be removed. Just like people, unique circumstances apply to each and every one.