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I believe it is only for the 10 cadets who died in battle
Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:26pm

during the Civil War battle, with 6 of them actually buried there...

I still maintain that, in spite of it being a military academy, that it was "home" to them all, it is essentially no different than any individual town's memorials to their dead fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews, etc. who died in that and other wars... Memorials to individual people, who were not LEADERS in the Civil War, are more memorials to loved ones than to "the cause". This one is especially tricky, but I'd still go with leaving it be as it is honoring the cadets, not the "War" nor its "lost cause".

I think that, for the sake of compromise and cooperation, that only statues that are CLEARLY inappropriate monuments to the war, its leaders, and its cause should be moved from their present positions to historical sites, museums, and such. Because of the nature of people and how people always feel about personal memorials to loved ones, leave the individual monuments recognizing & mourning random southern citizens alone... even if they were erected in honor of their deaths during the Civil War.

We have to remember that people were fighting for their own STATES, because individual states are what most citizens were loyal to in those days. America was merely a CONCEPT, an overall entity that covered defense of and interstate commerce for all the loosely banded individual states. Citizens of any given state gave their FIRST and most fervent loyalty to their home state and they considered themselves Virginians rather than Americans. That makes an ENORMOUS difference when talking about the participants of the Civil War today. They were NOT the "traitors" that doing such a thing would be considered today. That is also one reason why the government back then chose not to prosecute nor penalize individual soldiers on the side of the Confederacy. It was an "understood" why each individual chose as they did.

Obviously, YMMV.

  • If The Only Dead Buried There...Amadeus, Mon Aug 28 10:17am
    ...are Confederate dead, that weakens the argument a bit. I agree that memorials to the dead are fine, on the battlefield or in the cemetery. Best when they are memorials to all the dead. Memorials... more
    • I believe it is only for the 10 cadets who died in battle — Sia☺giah, Mon Aug 28 9:26pm
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