When our local forecaster was asked a couple days earlier
Fri Sep 1, 2017 6:26pm

for a WORST CASE, he said about 25 inches... of course we got DOUBLE THAT...

Yet it is remarkable how hindsight is 20/20... at least for this forecaster... Ours humbly admitted that foresight wasn't 20/20.

And of course he is talking about floodplains and not wetlands. I have LONG suggested that folks who build in floodplains do so at their own risk. No federally funded flood insurance. No FEMA funds to fix their stuff. If you build there and get washed out, you can build there again out of pocket, or build somewhere else.

Aparently this guy figures that while even he himself couldn't predict it, he blames political leadership for NOT predicting it... LOL

  • Eric Berger summed it up pretty wellJeeves, Fri Sep 1 10:38am
    Eric Berger just published an account of what he went through in Houston during Harvey. It's a good read. I completely agree with his conclusion. This is probably the worst US flood storm ever, and... more
    • One way Trump intervenedPikes, Fri Sep 1 1:23pm
      An Obama executive order Trump recently repealed required government notification of property owners who chose to rebuild on determined flood plain or flood drainage lands, that they did so at their... more
      • They gov't can alwasy be asked...Sprout, Fri Sep 1 6:27pm
        Lots of folks ASK FEMA and the federal gov't for all sorts of crap.... The proper answer I such cases is a simple and polite, "no." No reason to take extra effort to notify them. When they get denied ... more
        • This is differentPikes, Fri Sep 1 7:14pm
          It requires people with lost property in a flood zone to be notified that for future reference, as per future needs, FEMA and other Federal assistance cannot be expected if they rebuild there.