They gov't can alwasy be asked...
Fri Sep 1, 2017 6:27pm

Lots of folks ASK FEMA and the federal gov't for all sorts of crap.... The proper answer I such cases is a simple and polite, "no."

No reason to take extra effort to notify them. When they get denied an application for flood insurance, which their underwriter will REQUIRE, they will know. No special effort to communicate will be required.

  • One way Trump intervenedPikes, Fri Sep 1 1:23pm
    An Obama executive order Trump recently repealed required government notification of property owners who chose to rebuild on determined flood plain or flood drainage lands, that they did so at their... more
    • They gov't can alwasy be asked... — Sprout, Fri Sep 1 6:27pm
      • This is differentPikes, Fri Sep 1 7:14pm
        It requires people with lost property in a flood zone to be notified that for future reference, as per future needs, FEMA and other Federal assistance cannot be expected if they rebuild there.