OK... I'm hard pressed to understand why
Fri Sep 1, 2017 8:06pm

wealthy folks would intentionally choose to build on land that will be VASTLY more expensive tax wise voluntarily as opposed to building on land that would be much cheaper tax wise to build on?

  • Let's just say I don't agree
    • OK... I'm hard pressed to understand why — Sprout, Fri Sep 1 8:06pm
      • Now you understand Jeeves, Fri Sep 1 9:20pm
        The goal is to have people NOT build on wetlands/floodplains. 8^)
          • No you don't.HeavyHemi, Sat Sep 2 2:26pm
            Why do you insist that something thinks or is saying something despite them telling you directly you're wrong?
            • If not, who do you expect to END UP with it? By reducing the SUPPLY of a commodity without reducing the DEMAND for a commodity, how do you plan on AVOIDING a price increase? And if you don't, who do... more
              • It's the tax structure that forces the destruction of the environment. In my county not so very long ago standing timber (TREES) was taxed. What did that encourage? Yep, you guessed it. Land holdings ... more
              • You mean I can only use your metrics?HeavyHemi, Sat Sep 2 5:41pm
                That the ONLY way to implement policy is via taxation. Methinks you're repeating the same mistakes we point out to you time and time again: The argument you are having in your head, isn't the one... more
                • Taxation was the proposed solution...Sprout, Mon Sep 4 4:57pm
                  Not my proposal, but the proposal we have been discussing. Care to offer a different proposal? One that WOULD in some way not only prevent construction on flood prone lands, but ALSO ensure that real ... more