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Fri Sep 1, 2017 10:10pm

  • They Made The Wrong Choices...Amadeus, Wed Aug 23 11:05am
    And they were later celebrated for doing so. Later still, others pledge to fight to protect their tradition of honoring those mistakes - the honoring itself a mistake. It's sad, all the way around.... more
    • TROLL DELETED7 — Removed by moderator, Fri Sep 1 10:10pm
    • the Confederacy, per se. Where the cadets are actually buried is where it stands. That is why I don't agree that a monument that marks the burial plots of some of the dead cadets and is named... more
      • If The Only Dead Buried There...Amadeus, Mon Aug 28 10:17am
        ...are Confederate dead, that weakens the argument a bit. I agree that memorials to the dead are fine, on the battlefield or in the cemetery. Best when they are memorials to all the dead. Memorials... more
      • Case by casePikes, Sun Aug 27 10:50am
        You can't just say all such statues should be removed. Just like people, unique circumstances apply to each and every one.